Just Another Blip, Gone and Forgotten

Horseracing Wrongs

Avon Gold is dead after “suffer[ing] a fx to the pastern while training” at Finger Lakes yesterday. She was two and being prepped for her first race. In its “report,” the Gaming Commission assured that there will be “more to follow.” Having been at this for six years, I can assure that nothing more will follow – this babe is probably already on her way to being “processed,” an already-forgotten blip in the industry machine.

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One thought on “Just Another Blip, Gone and Forgotten

  1. Of course she suffered broken bones being prepped for racing at age 2. HORSES SKELETONS DON’T REACH MATURITY UNTIL AGE 6!!!! She was only a baby.
    Of course more will follow until this predatory greedy industry is put in check. And like torturing elephants to perform stupid tricks for amusement has halted, so too shall the barbaric horse racing industry come to a screeching halt. Meanwhile, until the masses are woke, 10s of thousands more equines will be treated horribly, die in agony, and be butchered while fully conscious IF they survive track.


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