“For Sale” 50 Times, Killed in 51st Race

Horseracing Wrongs

In the 3rd at Thistledown yesterday, Quinnehtukqut “suffered a catastrophic injury near the seven sixteenths pole” and, says Equibase, “was euthanized.” Quinnehtukqut was seven, and this was his 51st time under the whip. But that’s not all: In all but one of those 51 races, this long-abused animal was “For Sale” prior to – that’s “For Sale” 50 times over. Imagine that.

Quinnehtukqut’s “catastrophic injury” (around 2:00 mark, jockey in yellow cap)

Tidy Stripe, who was a “bad step, vanned off” in the 2nd at Delaware Thursday, is in fact dead – euthanized, says the Racing Commission, for a sesamoid fracture. Tidy Stripe was four; ’twas her 19th time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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One thought on ““For Sale” 50 Times, Killed in 51st Race

  1. I have been in horse racing for 52 years.I love the sport but it is finished.The tracks sold their souls to keep casino money flowing.The powers to be have legislated state bred races and have run the small breeders,owners and trainers out of the game.What they didnt realize is racing was always kept going by small people that loved horses.Now by not policing cheat trainers,the better purse money flows to a few,attendance is down and the thousands of us who supported this game win or lose have become sour with the same people winning.Everything is a quick buck,a drop down horse that nobody cares about,the quick sale of a young horse trying to get top dollar not really caring what has to be done to sell the animal,5 owners on expensive animals that care as much about their investment as a stock certificate.Horses are running fewer races today and I’m sure have a shorter life especially if not making someone money.What horse racing doesnt understand is casinos used them to get into an area and hope the horse racing doesnt last.Giving or should I say manipulating condition books,racing days,fewer races run and keeping 75 percent of the backside broke and desponded aids to the demise.Fewer new riders or young people even want to attempt this career.If not for Spanish people from Mexico horse tracks dont have enough help and it’s getting worse.People with money dont understand you are only as strong as your weakest link and by eliminating 40 percent of the number of races available horse racing is dying.The amount of 2 year olds starting now is a crime but the elite want quick big bucks at the expense of others.Unlike other sports horse racing is a 60s type thing.The younger generation dont care for it and the people like me that have supported it are in our final years.Without a complete revival of people that actually like horses and learn the game,it could be done except for a few big tracks,but that might be what the elite wanted all along.


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