Extort or Be Extorted

Revolt Against Plutocracy

There are two definitions to extortion; and the second one does not necessarily imply breaking the law. Dictionary defines extortion as “oppressive extraction.”

If another neo-liberal is nominated by the Democrats in 2020, they will use the oppressive Trump to extract your vote for the establishment’s choice. That was their playbook in 2016 after they rigged the primaries to insure the pre-ordained candidate of Wall Street, Hillary Clinton, was the Party nominee. “If you don’t vote for Clinton, the racist, sexist, revolting plutocrat Donald Trump will become President” was used to compel the votes of progressives rather than Clinton running on a populist platform. Using Trump to compel support for Clinton was “oppressive extraction,” and the establishment will, in Caitlin Johnstone’s version, this time say “All that matters is defeating the Orange Menace. Stop yelling and fall in line behind Uncle Joe/Auntie Kamala/Weird Stepbrother Beto. Do…

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One thought on “Extort or Be Extorted

  1. Right on.
    For me it is Sanders or maybe Warren or else Green Party

    Best regards,


    Richard J. Peppin
    5012 Macon Rd
    Rockville MD 20852

    Sent by phone. Please excuse typos


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