Bow and arrow boar hunting prompts debate in France

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

Wild boars have become more of a problem near Avignon, and may now be hunted by experienced archers

The decision to allow wild boars to be hunted by bow and arrow in the Vaucluse is prompting debate, with hunting experts in favour of the move, but local welfare groups launching a petition against it.

The town of Montfavet, near Avignon, has authorised the hunting of wild boars until February 2020. Hunters must be experienced, must use bow and arrows, and must shoot to kill (rather than merely injure).

The hunters may also only operate at night – when the boar come out to search for food – and must be accompanied by a team of archery experts and a wolf protection officer.

Bow and arrows are permitted as the devices do not make any noise, compared to shotguns or pistols – an important factor when hunting boar in woodland near…

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