To C.A.S.H. Supporters

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Dear members,

One thing I’m proud to say about the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, as opposed to your average environmental group or even those groups touting their (dubious and often self-serving) efforts in “conservation,” is that we stand for the individual animal. It’s easy to say you don’t want to see a species to go extinct, but many groups promote, or turn a blind eye to, the hunting (ie: killing) of individual animals under the guise of raising funds for its species.

I’ve come across a lot of different attitudes while searching for the many hunting accidents and violations we compile on C.A.S.H.’s new website. Though some groups may be able to claim more members and financial backing than others, any group that supports the taking of trophy heads, hides or horns to supposedly save its species is shooting itself in the foot, in my book.

It’s not that…

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