The Horseracing Integrity Act Would Mean More Dead Horses

Horseracing Wrongs

The Horseracing Integrity Act speciously suggests that all that stands between horseracing and integrity is a national drug program overseen by a central organization. First, drugs in racing is a divisive topic within the industry. In a recent Cronkite News article, Dr. Verlin Jones, a track vet with 30 years experience, says:

“Right now in Arizona we have probably mid-level to low-level claimers. That population of horses comes with their own set of problems, so we deal with horses that have a higher level of injury… I think that right now these private practitioners on the back side, their hands are really, really handcuffed. When you’re dealing with this level of horse, they have a lot of problems. Those problems can be taken care of, but we have to have our full arsenal in order to do that.” Then this: “I really feel like horses today are having to run…

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One thought on “The Horseracing Integrity Act Would Mean More Dead Horses

  1. There has to be a new policing of what is in race horses.They are still using steroids in Ohio and many states as long as level stays down by raceday.They give the steroids then wait 20 to 30 days till their vet says level below a bad test,still cheating public and other horsemen.Some states have no tolerance for many things and hopefully that means no tolerance for everybody.To show you how ridiculously corrupt racing drug testing has become,think if done right you can give steroids,inject within 48 hours a sore joint,dmso intravenously for pain,block a joint with snake venom,over bute and banamine,use a freeze machine or a soundwave apparatus and on and on.Then you know who gets made example of?A poor trainer with a box of baking soda for his horses ulcer cause he can’t afford gastroguard.Give me a fucking break.Tracks will go under if they dont get horseman back in the game.As far as the cruelty of horse racing goes,accidents will happen,horses will die but if they game reestablish itself with basically good humane people that value the well being of the animal as much as making ends meet moneywise,it will once again become popular and become a nice career for people who actually like horses.


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