Belmont: 4 Kills in First Week; Another “Went Wrong” Kill at Delaware

Horseracing Wrongs

Equibase’s account of the 4th at Belmont yesterday: “Deft…fell on the lead suffering a fatal injury…then was subsequently euthanized.” Deft was three years old. He is the 4th dead horse in the first week of Belmont’s fall meet – 26th there on the year. The lie of NYRA’s “demonstrably safer” racing laid bare, yet again.

In the 5th at Delaware Wednesday, 5-year-old Dispel “went wrong…and had to be euthanized.” This is the second “went wrong” kill on the Delaware week.

This is horseracing.

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One thought on “Belmont: 4 Kills in First Week; Another “Went Wrong” Kill at Delaware

  1. Again,if they dont come up with a legal way of racing horses where everyone is equal many horses will die and jockeys lives are at risk.Money is the root of all evil and the broke factor on all of Americas backsides is causing unusual amount of breakdowns and people to do things they wouldn’t do 10 years ago.Letting the same people with money get away with the same drugging of horses is slowly ruining the game.These cheats run their horses for half what their worth,knowing nobody will claim because you do not claim the illegal medicine bag.Let everyone have access to steroids again regulated by the track vets monitored by the state racing commissions.At least the horses were stronger and more competitive.The people with money paid off to eliminate the small guys in horse racing not able to get the same meds.But its backfiring,how many 80 cent superfectas or $2.60 win prices is going to keep people intrested.I love horse racing but fuck the Kentucky Derby and the breeders cup races for allowing a few to steal all the money and we who love horses and racing are supposed to blow these guys.Racing needs to change or gives us all access to the cheating.The testing of winners is supposed to give a result within a nanogram,these people need to do their job.Racing 50 horses is not a ticket to cheat the sport.


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