Ontario’s (Canada) Dead Racehorses, 2018

Horseracing Wrongs

Through a FOIA request to the province of Ontario, I have been able to confirm the following kills at Ontario racetracks in 2018. Please note: This is our first reporting outside the U.S. We fully expect to continue this expansion.

Go Find Out, Feb 3, Flamboro R
“broke down 3/4 pole, trailered off – [multiple] comminuted fractures; chronic degenerative anthroparhy [sic] fetlock”

Townline Striker, Feb 25, Flamboro R
“dropped dead in first turn”

English Rain, Feb 28, Woodbine T
“broke down working – fracture MC3”

Sports Journalist, Apr 2, Western Fair
“acting up, gave banamine – died 2 minutes later”

Guscrest, Apr 21, Mohawk R
“cut tendons in race”

Lest We Forget, Apr 28, Woodbine T
“broke down training – acute, complete, oblique humerus fracture”

Extremist, May 3, Woodbine T
“dropped dead in shedrow after exercise”

Golden Jiggs, May 7, Woodbine
“severe diarrhea”

Charmbo Dev, May 9, Western Fair R

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