Stakes Winner Breaks Down Training in September, Dead of Laminitis Sunday

Horseracing Wrongs

And yet another racehorse’s suffering was extended because of base human greed. Coming on the heels of Princess Dorian’s break at Del Mar and subsequent death from laminitis, we now learn that Uncontested went down the exact same way: The five-year-old, according to BloodHorse, suffered a fracture training at Churchill in September and was euthanized for laminitis Sunday. (Also like Princess Dorian, this death will be recorded as non-track-related, implying, of course, that Racing’s hands are clean. Is there any thoughtful, reasonable person out there who would agree?)

Not irrelevant here is that Uncontested (below) was a very “successful” horse – multiple stakes winner, half-million-dollar “earner.” Translation: The breeding shed beckoned. So, he was made to suffer longer. And all owner Harry Rosenblum had to say was “tough business.” How about vile, Mr. Rosenblum? How about vile?

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