Human Lives Are Not More Important Than Animal Lives.

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

Sunday Sermon

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Almost a half a billion non-human animals have perished in the Australian fires in the past month. A few dozen humans have also died. All of these deaths are a tragedy of epic proportions.

Imagine if that were half a billion humans. Hard to comprehend but such a horrific tragedy is on the horizon before the end of this century.

Some 8,000 Koalas have been reported as having perished in the fires. The numbers are most likely much higher.

The world is beginning to burn and the reality of the catastrophic consequences are beginning to pry open the closed minds of many deniers, especially when it it is their home and their lives are are being directly affected.

Most of the media coverage is focused on the human tragedies but by comparison, humans fared relatively well, at least so far.

My thoughts and…

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