As NYRA Announces New “Safety Initiatives,” Another Horse Dies at Belmont

Horseracing Wrongs

Doesn’t it get old, folks? Ahead of Belmont’s (rescheduled) Opening Day, June 3, the New York Racing Association has issued a statement that begins:

“The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) today announced a number of safety initiatives…for the upcoming 25-day spring/summer meet at Belmont Park. … The safety and welfare of horses…competing at NYRA tracks is our highest priority.”

Given the frequency with which these “safety initiatives” are announced, one would think they’d have run out by now. No matter, though, for facts, as the great John Adams famously said, are stubborn things, and our facts beat their propaganda every time. Speaking of, here’s another fact that NYRA must answer for: In a training session this morning at Belmont, Lil Morning Star “sustained [an] injury to [her] leg, [was] ambulanced to barn [and euthanized]” (Gaming Commission). She was three years old.

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