Video of Shared Silence

Horseracing Wrongs

A week ago, I reported on the death of Shared Silence at Mountaineer. In that race, you may recall, the chartwriter noted how another horse “benefited” from Shared Silence’s fall and death. Well here is the video (PETA) of that death – and good fortune:

Also, in addition to multiple excessive whipping violations in the most recent Stewards Minutes from Los Alamitos, there is this for May 31:

“The Stewards ordered a refund in the sixth race as two horses were late Veterinarian declarations. #5 ‘Separate Hennessey’ [sic] became fractious on the way to the saddling paddock and injured itself…. In the following moments, #6 ‘Pow Wow’ reacted to ‘Separate Hennessy’s’ antics and attempted to jump the outside rail. Unfortunately, the horse became hung up on the rail and was injured to the point that it needed immediate veterinary care. There was a fifteen minute delay….”

“became fractious


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