If You Bet On or Watch Today’s Belmont Stakes, You Are Supporting the Killing of Horses; Belmont Park: 24 Dead…And Counting

Horseracing Wrongs

According to the chart for the 4th at Belmont June 3, “Too Fast to Pass…came under coaxing [was whipped] at the three-eighths…was easing to the finish when abruptly pulled up…suffering from an injury to the left front and was subsequently vanned off.” This morning, the Gaming Commission has disclosed that Too Fast to Pass was euthanized – nine days later. At the time of the incident, you may remember, his so-called connections happily reported that Too Fast would survive and be retired. How magnanimous, the racing people thought, a well-earned retirement for this “old warrior.” We advocates, of course, saw this in a different light: This poor, beaten-down animal had nothing left to give an industry that had sucked him dry, for you see, Too Fast was ten years old and that race on the 3rd was his 91st time under the whip. Vile.

Look, it’s really quite simple:…

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