Five Equine Babes Ambulanced Off at Ruidoso Yesterday; Another Death at Los Alamitos

Horseracing Wrongs

Yesterday, Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico opened its two-day “All American Futurity Trials” – an event that, the track’s website says, “showcase[s] 2-year-old Quarter Horses vying for a spot in the $3 Million Grade I All American Futurity.” In other words, it’s a bunch of frightened and confused equine children being forced – via a perched, whip-wielding human – to run at a breakneck speed with other frightened and confused equine children. And here’s how it has unfolded thus far.

In addition to several “fractious” or “hard to load” horses yesterday, no fewer than five (two in the same race) of these babes were “vanned off” the track in the equine ambulance: Jess Cindy, Whistle Stop Cafe (who also “bled” – most assuredly through the nostrils), Favorite Agree, Sc Divas Famous Man, and Tres of Daddy.

How in 21st Century America can we continue to abide doing this to (forcibly)…

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