Reform Is a Lie: Los Alamitos Kills Again as 2-Year-Old Becomes 38th Victim

Horseracing Wrongs

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the death of Bob E McGee in the 4th yesterday at Los Alamitos. No details were released, but according to the chart, the 2-year-old “fell” before dying. He becomes the 38th fatality at Los Alamitos this year and 81st in California – a state that has supposedly implemented the most stringent “safety measures” in the U.S., ever. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Reform is a lie; horseracing kills, inherently and inevitably.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.
Governor Newsom
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
Assembly Speaker Rendon
Majority Leader Hertzberg
California State Senators

End Horseracing in California Petition

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