12 Years Old, 137 Races – And No End in Sight

Horseracing Wrongs

Last Thursday, a horse named Pickett’s Charge was raced at Camarero (Puerto Rico). He finished 9th, 16+ lengths back. Here’s the rest of the story:

Pickett’s Charge is 12 years old.

He has been pounded (exclusively) on the Camarero Race Track for over 10 years.

Thursday’s race was #137; he has been “For Sale” in all but 2 of those 137 races.

He has been trained by 17 different people.

He has been owned by (at least) 16 different men/partnerships.

His current trainer/owner, Jose Lozano, has had him for the past 28 races; in those 28 races, Pickett’s Charge has finished 5th or below 26 times.

According to my research, up to 90% of racehorses suffer from gastric ulcers; everyone knows what just a couple of years on the track does to a horse’s musculoskeletal system. Can you imagine what this poor animal’s interior looks like? Cruelty, thy name…

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