The Most Powerful Slaughter Investigation, Ever

Horseracing Wrongs

I originally posted this a year ago. It must not be forgotten…

An explosive slaughter expose, the most powerful I have ever seen, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and our friends at The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses in Australia. Two points before you watch: Yes, it is graphic, but please don’t let that dissuade you. This needs to be watched (and shared). And make no mistake, the exact same thing is happening to American racehorses.

“Come on you dumb fucking horses.”

“You’re going to fucking die here, you fucking maggots.”

“You’re dead. You’re dead, dickhead.”

“Fucking dumb cunt.”

“Fucking stupid cunt.”

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One thought on “The Most Powerful Slaughter Investigation, Ever

  1. GO VEGAN — GO VEGAN — the HORRORS to these HORSES is so beyond heartbreak, there are NO words — the whole industry belongs in PRISON — they’re all deplorable MURDERERS — the lack of conscience, morals, sanity, compassion, mercy — they are the WORST, the LOWEST of Humanity, if there’s even such a thing — they belong OUT OF normal society and into a CONTROLLED environment similar to a PRISON — again, GO VEGAN — GO VEGAN — ALL of these industries MUST BE SHUT DOWN — the Plan to SHUT THEM DOWN must be aggressive and firm — if there’s pushback or refusal, the Monster-Individuals MUST be arrested and hauled into Prisons — this is DOABLE — it CAN be done — it MUST be done — all Horses must be pulled out and sent to Rescue Ranches.


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