It’s Time the Media Stops Giving Horseracing a Platform to Deceive and Lie

Horseracing Wrongs

We and our work were featured in a recent Journal News (USA Today Network) piece on the killing at Belmont (53 dead horses last year) and beyond. (The article is on the paper’s subscription-only page, but here is a pdf: Belmont Article.) To clarify, when I say our work I simply mean exposing the truth – reporting the facts. As is its wont, when confronted with these facts the New York Racing Association dissembles, distracts, deflects, and deceives. Like no one else. The article opens:

“Last year was the first in the decade since 2010 that the death toll topped 50 at the Elmont, Long Island, park, best known for hosting the Belmont Stakes. And 2020’s total was seven more than the number of horses that died at Belmont in 2019 – even though COVID-19 stopped racing for over two months last year.”

Racing down, killing up. So how…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time the Media Stops Giving Horseracing a Platform to Deceive and Lie

  1. How I loathe those who STILL think HORSERACING is OK — after all the information imparted to the world, how could anyone in their right mind continue with anything regarding this HORRIFIC pastime — You should be spreading the truth about this EVIL industry — STOP supporting this immoral, heinous, vile and hateful RACKET — it’s beyond DEPRAVED, SADISTIC, SHAMEFUL and COWARDLY — we must SHUT DOWN Horseracing FOREVER.


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