It’s More Than Just the Killing

Horseracing Wrongs

At Los Alamitos in March, there were 19 horses “scratched” by the vet prior to their races for being injured, 10 for being sick, and 7 for being “unsound.” Also:

3/5: “A refund was ordered in the fourth race as #6 St. Reno injured itself [‘itself,’ not ‘himself’] during the loading procedure and was declared on the advice of [the vet].”

3/13: “The claim of Seventh Wave was voided after Dr. Beck placed the gelding on the vet’s list as unsound.”

3/13: “The claim of Mongolian Sunrise was voided after the mare was placed on the vet’s list for bleeding.”

3/19: “#2 Jaydann Bus was injured in the gate and scratched.”

3/26: “A claim deposited prior to the third race for #3 Musically was voided as the horse was unsound in the left foreleg while in the detention barn.”

3/27: “A refund was ordered…

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