Trapping is torture

Exposing the Big Game

ByAnnoula Wylderich-April 30, 2021FacebookTwitter

Cover image from Born Free USA“Crushing Cruelty” reportreleased in April.

Trapping is perhaps the most egregious abuse of our wildlife. The targeted animals (and often, untargeted creatures who get caught incidentally) can sit in a trap for up to 96 hours in the state of Nevada without the requirement for trappers to check on them. Don’t bet that every trapper will check after four days, if it isn’t convenient for them.

Reportsfrom the Born Free USA wildlife advocacy organization have exposed the trapping industry and found that the few existing regulations that monitor trapping are often ignored by trappers who leave traps out after the close of the trapping season, continuing to capture animals. There are no authorities present when traps are set or an animal is killed.

The animals who get caught in these barbaric…

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