A Reminder on Preakness Day: It’s not about Bob Baffert. Horseracing is cruel. Horseracing kills. Horseracing must end.

Horseracing Wrongs

And so, Preakness Day arrives. Surely, the focus, for the media and masses alike, will be almost entirely on Bob Baffert and a relatively inconsequential drug positive in the Derby two weeks ago. As advocates, it falls to us to shift that focus – to the everyday cruelty and the incessant killing of the U.S. horseracing industry. When they say “Baffert,” you say “solitary confinement”; when they say “betamethasone,” you say “chattel”; when they say “Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act,” you say “slaughter” (on which the HISA has absolutely nothing to say). Remind them that over 2,000 horses are killed racing or training across America every year. Remind them that hundreds more die back in their stalls. Remind them that most of the horses being raced on U.S. tracks today will eventually have their lives snuffed by the butcher’s blade.

And you can also reacquaint them with some of the…

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