King of Rock “Suffers Injury, Euthanized” at Gulfstream

Horseracing Wrongs

King of Rock’s run in the 5th at Gulfstream yesterday, as succinctly relayed by the chartwriter: “King of Rock suffered an injury to the left front leg and was euthanized.” For this to be reported at Gulfstream, which is notoriously tight-lipped about these things, King must have been euthanized where he lay. Which means that after an on-“field” death that all – fans, staff, racers, etc. – saw, not a one, apparently, had the slightest compunction about continuing with the day’s festivities (in this case, five more races.) Vile. King of Rock was four; ’twas his 12th time under the whip.

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One thought on “King of Rock “Suffers Injury, Euthanized” at Gulfstream

  1. Animals have no laws to protect them from being used by humans for food, entertainment, sports, research, labor in some countries & for gambling. So for some animals, these are the breaks. Excuse pun.


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