4-Year-Old Pushing Sixty Killed at Santa Anita

Horseracing Wrongs

In the 1st race at Santa Anita yesterday, Pushing Sixty snapped an ankle and is dead. At least one observer noted that she was “fractious” in the gate. Injured even before she started, perhaps? Pushing was four; ’twas her 9th time under the whip. For Santa Anita, this makes 12 kills on the year. For all California tracks, it’s 33. Reform is a ruse, safe racing a lie. Horseracing kills horses. Full stop.

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One thought on “4-Year-Old Pushing Sixty Killed at Santa Anita

  1. The eternal work-horse, pulled the wagons, the plows, cattle round-ups, used in all human battle wars up to last hundred or so years Now used in rodeos & for gambling forced to race. Today, some either pull tourist carts or spend 90% percent of their lives owned & locked in stalls or if ‘lucky’ enough to live free, are winding up trucked to the slaughterhouse. Probably no animal has had a more (‘used’) or interesting history & when ‘no useful’ purpose remains, racing or expense of kept for pleasure riding, there’s no room for useless large animals & eventually horses will likely go extinct. Unless they become useful as food, a cheaper version of beef for burgeoning humanity.


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