Facts Are Stubborn Things: With Latest Belmont Kill, NYRA’s “Safety Record” Reads 35 Dead on the Year

Horseracing Wrongs

According to the Gaming Commission, Not That Brady “sustained RH injury while galloping” at Belmont Saturday, “[was] ambulanced off and subsequently euthanized.” He was five years old and coming off his 24th race (in which he finished last) June 10.

The New York Racing Association (NYRA), the umbrella corp that runs Aqueduct, Belmont, and Saratoga, is super proud of its “safety record.” In fact, the suits there never miss an opportunity to remind us – as if merely by saying something over and over makes it true. Well, to invoke my favorite John Adams quote, facts are stubborn things. Yes, facts, like almost 1,000 dead horses at NYRA tracks just since 2009. Facts, like 83 dead last year. Facts, like 35 (below) already this year.

Patrick McKenna, NYRA spokesman, recently tweeted (regarding us) that he’d welcome the debate. Any time, any place, Mr. McKenna. Any time, any place.

Sander’s Empire…

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