“Unruly,” “Fractious,” “Hard to Load” – They’re Scared, Folks

Horseracing Wrongs

The Gillespie County Fairground in Texas runs just eight days of racing a year. Its first two of this summer were Saturday and Sunday. Some of the notes (Equibase):

Lotta Fiz (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Sietetizoz (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Kool Mistress: “unruly [in] gate”
Lota Dashin Panther: “flipped”
Texas Magazeche: “fractious”
Kue Ball: “bumped hard”
Fish Tayles: “bumped hard both sides”
Diamond E Great (two years old): “fractious”
Moonin J Lo (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Tesguino Special (two years old): “hard to load”
Jordans Game (two years old, first race): “green, vanned off”
Regal Wagon Streak (two years old, first race): “unruly”
Running to the Prize (two years old, first race): “flipped”
Tee Jamie (two years old): “bumped hard”
Spayce Cowboy (two years old, first race): “bumped hard”
Dashin Jesss (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Kzoom (two years old, first race): “unruly…

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One thought on ““Unruly,” “Fractious,” “Hard to Load” – They’re Scared, Folks

  1. Yes — the lack of understanding, consideration, compassion and mercy for Horses is heartbreaking — the audacity : the extensive and extreme exploitation, use and abuse of these Horses never enters the equation — how I LOATHE this industry — why is Society ALLOWING this Industry to continue with their horrors to Horses — again, I can’t say this enough : SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.


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