3 thoughts on “As Ugly As It Gets

  1. To be fair, one would think a commenter should be told their comment will have to await moderation ‘before’ they spend their time commenting.


  2. What happened, horse had a heart attack & died while running, wonder if this used to happen back when Pony Express horses delivered mail? There’s absolutely no reason to force horses to race. Plenty of people love to run. In track sports, in marathons, in the Olympics, could just as well place bets on people who love to compete running & can verbalize how they’re feeling & if they don’t feel well enough to be ‘forced’ to race. No need to do this to animals. It’s past time to get horse racing ‘on the list of well publicized animal abuses, re the cruelty, suffering & brutal end to so many of the horses involved in racing. Unlike grey-hound racing, horse racing is mostly glamorized in conventional media & except for persons reading the Armory blog, the general public is blissfully mostly unaware of the dark side. Actually, horses do suffer heart attacks & ruptured blood vessels from racing & according to a 2014 Smithsonian article, ” horses dying during or after races is incredibly common.”


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