Despite Scorching Heatwave, Israel Illegally Allowed Live Cattle Shipments

Exposing the Big Game

A Romanian law prohibiting live exports when temperatures surpass 45 degrees Celsius was breached during a recent import from Romania to Israel that contained thousands of cattleShare in FacebookShare in TwitterSend in e-mailSend in e-mailSaveSave article to reading listZen ReadPrint article

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Cattle being shipped from Romania

Cattle being shipped from RomaniaCredit: Israel Against Live ShipmentsNir HassonGet email notification for articles from Nir HassonFollowAug. 10, 2021

Israel violated an animal rights regulation this week when two ships, crammed with cattle, traveled from Romania to Israel during a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Romanian law prohibits live animal shipments at temperatures this high. One of the ships docked at Haifa port on Sunday.

On July 29,Romania’s veterinary authority issued a rule barring long-distance shipments of live animals in…

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