More Animal Abuse From Ruidoso, Delaware

“The All American Quarter Horse Futurity Trials” were held at Ruidoso Downs yesterday. As the name implies, all the entrants were babies, 2-year-olds. As you can imagine, and as I’ve documented several times in the past, there were multiple “bumps” and “fractious” horses, even a “flipped [in] paddock.” But there were also no less than four “vanned off,” two in the same race: One Famous Candy, Jam Candy (also “fell”), Favorite Blues Man, and Jm Special Ferarri.

Then this, Wednesday at Delaware Park: On a sweltering day, there were 28 “scratches.” 28 over just 9 races. While that may sound praiseworthy (for the stewards/vets), they did send out 56 horses to race. That, however, does not include race 4, which was declared a “no contest”:

“#9 Tiktoknaway flipped in the gate, causing a delay. Then #7 Jumpingforjoy was a vet scratch (tying up behind the gate). #8 Finest Work was…

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