Shoot Slaughterhouse Owners!

Toward Meaningful Direct Action: A Blueprint for Vigilantism


Direct action by animal liberationists and animal rights activists has been sporadic, unfocused, and ineffective.

We have played the game within the system. We have abjured violence, We have only targeted property. We have failed.

Most animals we free are quickly re-captured by their tormentors. Property we have destroyed is replaced by insurance claims. The animals we saved enjoy only temporary freedom before they are gassed or electrocuted.

The most serious damage we inflict on animal abusers is to raise their insurance premiums.


A new paradigm of action on behalf of animals is needed. A new vision. A new plan. We must recognize that only the use of force will make a difference for animals trapped in the food system or the victims of animal agriculture.

Animal Rights advocates are a threat to the state. We are the enemies of the US government, and all other governments on Earth. We are enemies of every legal system, of every major religion, and most minor ones.

Our belief is that animals have as much right to live. As much right to be on Earth, As much right to be free of exploitation, enslavement, and murder, as do humans.

That simple truth is what separates Animal Rights advocates from the rest of the human race.

And our beliefs threaten the very heart and soul of the US government, and all others, as well.

If most animal activists do not see the threat they pose, the US government does. Which is why animal activists were targeted by the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act. That piece of fascist legislation was drafted and introduced by corporate stooge and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California and corporate stooge and Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

They knew what they were doing, even if we didn’t.

They recognize that in fighting for Animal Rights we threaten the very existence of capitalism. We are enemies of the status quo, the enemies of the state, the enemies of human civilization.

The Animal Rights movement threatens the very foundations of human civilization. It undermines the legitimacy of every government on Earth. It repudiates every major religion and most minor ones. It dismisses ridiculous human concerns, petty issues, regional rivalries, disputes and jealousies.

Animal Rights requires a total revamp of human values. Of human relationships. Of human loyalties and human conduct.
It means rejecting religion, law, and government as we know them.

The difference between Animal Rights activists and the overwhelming majority of humans is so profound that it is almost akin to being members of separate species.

Only from that perspective can we see the horrors that humans engage in with alacrity and indifference.


Animal Rights can never be achieved through gradualism or appealing to human ethics and senses of morality and justice.
For Animal Rights to succeed, the systems of law and economics must be destroyed. Every legal system permits animal ownership as a basic property right of people and businesses. Almost all animal cruelty, exploitation, torture, and murder is committed in pursuit of profit. Private property is the Holy Grail of capitalism, and will never be relinquished in favor of ethical treatment of animals.

Revolution may not come in my lifetime, or in yours, but it must come if the animals are ever to be free from exploitation, slavery, and murder.

The greatest atrocities ever perpetuated by humans are not buried in history. They did not occur at the hands of barbaric forebears or despotic kings.
They were, and are, being committed today. Right now.

As you read this.

And they are being committed by pillars of society and respected members of our communities.

They are murdering a billion of our Earthmates every week.

Six million every hour.

Around the clock.

A Nazi Holocaust every 60 minutes. Day in, day out.

And no one is in jail. No one is being hunted down by police or prosecutors. No one is being avenged.

They are just making money. Because the horror is legal. Owning other creatures is permitted. Torturing and killing them is perfectly OK. Such is the product of capitalist rationale and justification.

Capitalists are running slaughterhouses, factory farms, feed lots, packing plants, wholesalers, markets, restaurants.
Trading on the corpses of innocent creatures who wanted to live as desperately as do you. Who had families, mothers, babies. Who suffered unspeakable cruelty, terror, and pain.

Fifty thousand died while you read this far. One hundred thousand if you are a slow reader.


The horror is almost beyond comprehension. A billion is a thousand million. The Animal Holocaust claims 60 billion lives a year, and is expected to increase, even if the human population weren’t increasing, which of course it is.

If the human species survives capitalism and environmental disaster (the jury is still out on this), a future, enlightened human society will look back upon the Animal Holocaust with the same incredulity we experience as we look back upon the horrors committed by Nazi Germany.

For those of us who believe all life is sacred, one species cannot ever justifiably carry out a genocide against others. And those responsible for such crimes against animals should be brought to justice.

Our current political system will never provide that justice, nor will it end the horrors. Our present political system is a tool of the capitalist interests which profit on the deaths of calves, lambs, piglets, and chickens.


Only a revolution will end capitalism. It might be political or it may occur in the streets. But when it comes, animal activists need to be there to help control the reins of government.

We must make sure a revolutionary government and society is a vegan one.

Meanwhile, it is a moral imperative to stop as much of the horrors as we can, by any means necessary. The most effective way to stop the industrialized murder of billions of our fellow Earthlings each year is to target those who are responsible for the Animal Holocaust.

That means the owners of slaughterhouses, the owners of feedlots, the owners of factory farms.

Every activist should identify slaughterhouses near at hand. They should identify the person or persons who own and operate the slaughter businesses. They should determine when they arrive at the slaughterhouse and when the arrive at home. They should know the routes, times, and escape routes.

And they should take appropriate measures that they have untraceable weapons and unidentifiable automobiles.

And they should strike a loud blow for the animals.

Many of us may be captured in such efforts. But many might succeed in dissuading others from following in the footsteps of the murderers that were neutralized.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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29 thoughts on “Shoot Slaughterhouse Owners!

  1. Roland, can you, or ‘someone’ do the following ? :

    Bring a ‘Class Action’ in the ‘highest Court in the land’ (preferably in the World) – a Petition could collect together the numbers – on behalf of CHILDREN (perhaps Children of one or more of the ‘members’ of the ‘Class Action’) on the basis that the Scientifically Proven Facts (and the Biblical TRUTH) prove that it is NOT IN THE BEST INTERESTS of the CHILDREN that their very own Parents, and Society, feeds them MURDERED Animals, MURDERED for them to eat.

    Lord Bless, love Michael.


  2. Wow! Ok, that is intense.
    Many thoughts come to mind, I’ll start with the movie Mississippi Burning.
    The pacifist vs. aggressor strategies.
    At first the FBI followed ‘peaceful’ routine methods, but progress was only achieved when the tough-guy methods were applied.
    So yeah, sometimes aggressive tactics used for a good cause.
    Another thought that came to mind relates to World War II.
    Killing is a standard part of war, and no one bats an eye when one soldier kills an opposing soldier. No shock there.
    People get somewhat uneasy when a civilian is killed, conveniently referred to as collateral damage (like open massive cattle and pork waste cesspools are labelled ‘lagoons’… sorry, I digress)…
    Yeah, the WWII idea was sabotage, used effectively by the resistance.
    Turning back to protection of the animals…
    Imagine cyber-attacks taking down systems of all kinds: inventory, financial accounts, billing, payroll, automated feeding systems, electrical supply switching systems, premises security alarms, CCTV, the ‘internet of things’ managing the whole egg, dairy and meat industry.
    Imagine Anonymous hacking in and shutting the whole thing down.
    Sort of a Tom Clancy cyber warfare scenario.
    I know, disabling automated feeding systems will cause many animals to suffer. But shooting slaughterhouse owners would lead to some animal suffering also one way or another as the facilities are sold or shut down and the occupants have to be disposed of or sold off to other death camps…
    The key thing is that continued cyber attacks would economically cripple the industry.
    The media would have no choice but to report such an onslaught, so a natural outcome would be that the reasons behind it would come to light.
    This would lead to more public awareness regarding the impact of the egg, meat & dairy industries on animal welfare, health and the environment.
    Thanks to social media such awareness is growing, but sadly at a dismally slow pace whilst these industries continue their parasitic and immoral practices, activities very well suppressed by capitalistic interests.
    Anonymous, this is your moment!


    • Welcome to the struggle, Comrade! Cyber warfare against the animal exploitation industries would be the most damaging to them. with the least risk to our own saboteurs and vigilantes. And I would assume among our supporters there are a number of talented people who could pull this off. The key to any vigilante operation is to keep those involved to a minimum and to have no contact with the targets. Cyber operations require sophisticated encryption and the ability to mask one’s locale and identity, skills beyond my own rather pedestrian ones.

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  5. “Meanwhile, it is a moral imperative to stop as much of the horrors as we can, by any means necessary. The most effective way to stop the industrialized murder of billions of our fellow Earthlings each year is to target those who are responsible for the Animal Holocaust.”

    Given that the people REALLY responsible for the murder of billions of our fellow Earthlings each year are the 95% of the population that engage in their exploitation every single day, do you advocate shooting all those people?

    I’m an anarchist and am definitely not against violence where appropriate – but I think you’ve got your sights trained on the wrong target here.


  6. Yes my Fellow-Vegan-Warriors and Facebook Friends, All that you write is 100%; it is Excellent !

    That is exactly why we Vegans must influence the Christians – for there are Billions of them (US – for I am one of ‘them’ hey).

    I love GOD; I am a ‘born-again’ Christian – been a Christian for 76 years now; will die a Christian. I am a Vegan – been a Vegan since 1976 = 40 years – I will die a Vegan. Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS

    (no offense meant to anybody ‘out there’; it is just that I actually DO (try to) follow JESUS and JESUS would be a Vegan TODAY. Simple) !




    For 100% PROOF Please read ‘CRY OUT’ at eBook – it is a Free Read.


    WE CAN BUT ONLY TRY !!!!!! Not so ?

    As A Christian I can not ‘go out there’ SHOOTING and KILLING People – Heaven Helps us – then I will be as bad, or worse, than the “meat eaters” that I so DESPISE !

    And we can Pray, for I happen to KNOW (according to my own-personal-Testimony/Witness) … ‘Prayer Works’, ‘say what you like’ hey.

    Lord Bless (no offense meant – I Truly ask GOD to Bless Roland and to Bless all those with whom I have the Privilege to Communicate with here on Facebook; for JESUS says to us : “‘ Love; Pray (even) for your enemy ‘”) Michael.…/10042317

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  7. The logic of your position is unassailable. The reality of it, however, is that perpetrators of any such substantive actions like you suggest must accept that they will be ground into dust by the iron first of the State. The State that represents not just the corporations, the oligarchs and the plutocrats but that speaks for the overwhelming majority of ordinary people who are either a) clueless as to what is going on or (more plausibly) b) just don’t care enough about injustice to want to change anything.

    As Karen Davis has written: “research could prove that cows love Jesus and the line at the McDonald’s drive through wouldn’t be one sagging car shorter the next day. Only consider: in Salisbury, Maryland, a McDonald’s sits on one side of the street and on the other side a gigantic chicken slaughter plant looms, surrounded by its endless sagging truckloads of chickens waiting on the docks to be killed. There is no clear evidence that the sight of suffering evokes sympathy or protest in the majority of people, and the first shock of seeing the suffering can wear off. Even if it doesn’t, people can choose not to look.” Therein lies the fundamental misperception at the heart of liberal ideologies, left-wing revolutionaries, and all assorted “power to the people” type reformers alike: that people, “the masses”, are at heart basically good and that if one can just raise their consciousness and inform them about the reality of what is going on, they will inevitably do what is right and just. If the Third Reich and the Jewish Holocaust didn’t invalidate that Pollyannaish view of human nature then Western Civilization and the on-going, never-ending animal Holocaust certainly should. This is one of several reasons why leftists avoid the subject of animal rights like the plague.

    Nevertheless, on a purely visceral level, there are many of us who have just about reached the point of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to sit back and take this any longer.” For them: keep visiting those gun shows and stocking up on ammunition.

    Liked by 4 people

    • The logic of your comments is also unassailable. I harbor no illusions that compassion is a predominant human trait beyond people’s immediate families. My message is not that we can change humans, but that we can change human society. The magnitude of the task is almost beyond comprehension, but it is the only course of action that offers any hope for the trillions of animals who will surely suffer and die unless the current legal and economic systems are destroyed. That cannot be achieved by animal advocates alone. It requires a broad coalition of those who oppose capitalism and oligarchy.

      To succeed, revolution requires both a flashpoint and fuel. Attacks on animal exploitation industry executives could become the flashpoint. The fuel is the political discontent and economic deprivation that is endemic to the corporate state.

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    • Absolutely! The state is practically synonymous with capitalism, and we have seen the response to animal rights, as mentioned, AETA and ag-gag. The state will punish if it cannot prevent. It will protect its own and their profits.

      I thought when undercover investigations revealed how bad the abuse was on factory farms and in slaughterhouse, people would be up in arms. Instead, if the videos were even partially shown on TV (with warnings so people could protect themselves from the sight), angry viewers complained that they did not want to be disturbed. I note that people who viewed the videos by Mercy for Animals on the Internet did express their revulsion at the cruelty. But who knows if that produced any results. Did the vision of the cow with her throat slit just dissolve into the vision of a cheeseburger as the day wore on?

      For capitalism, animals are just raw material for the production line. Their bodies produce profits for companies and pleasure for consumers. Their presence on this earth serves no other purpose. Karen Davis had that right also when she noted that “Our use becomes their becomes their ontology–‘this is what they are’–and their teleology–‘this is what they were made for.'”

      I suspect if most people were asked if they would fight for animals, their question would be, What’s in it for me? When told that, actually, that’s not how it works, it involves giving something up . . . Silence.

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    • I wanna like this reply, I really do, but the gun thing confuses me. Maybe I’ll get it after another coffee. I’ll like it now just because it made me think, that’s always a good thing, and it is still legal (as long as I keep my mouth shut).


  8. The fight for animals has been so slow and frustrating that it may be necessary to find other ways to proceed than just appealing to compassion and promoting veganism. Fighting Big Ag for its greed and dishonest policies could be one method. Now the time is right, with a political climate that is willing to discuss immigration, Wall Street/corporate greed, social justice, and inequality.

    First of all, I’m for the animals and advocate for them. But for those who don’t care about animals, focusing on Big Ag’s business practices and their detrimental effects on people should attract a larger audience and gain more support. We should join forces to discredit and harm that industry. The first target is the workplace conditions in the meatpacking industry. For example, Conagra, Smithfield, and Tyson rely on many illegal immigrant workers, and their hiring practices and pay deserve scrutiny.

    Current workers are ill-paid compared to previously unionized workers, and this may undermine the argument that it is a job that Americans will not do. The issue of illegal workers points to a number of issues, aside from the fairness to American job seekers.

    High turnover means the companies are in constant search of replacements. Apparently this resulted in the illegal behavior that Tyson was accused of in a Federal District Court in Chattanooga. The government charged six Tyson employees with conspiracy to transport illegal immigrants across the Mexican border and help them get counterfeit papers for jobs at over a dozen Tyson plants. Those familiar with Big Ag believe that the companies actually recruit in Mexico and knowingly hire illegal workers. Some have charged that the companies have gone so far as to hire “coyotes” to assist in smuggling operations.1

    This kind of company behavior is not confined to Tyson, according to Professor William Heffernan of the University of Missouri: ”This has been around for a long time in the meat-processing industry. And employers can take advantage of these people because they can threaten to send them back.” Heffernan also notes that ”it’s the race to the bottom; it’s just the race to the bottom. Companies started breaking the unions, moving the plants to rural areas and hiring immigrants a long time ago.”2

    What about the government’s reaction to all of this? It has had little success in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into Big Ag’s embrace: “Federal raids on meatpacking plants sent many illegal workers back to their countries. But it outraged food companies, who complained of disruptions . . . . Midwestern politicians sometimes complained that slowing down the work at meatpacking plants increased the supply of livestock and thereby harmed hog and cattle farmers, who had already been suffering from low prices for their goods.”3

    The reason for the hiring procedures of Big Ag is obviously greed. According to an article by David Barboza in The New York Times, union workers 15 to 20 years ago earned approximately $18 an hour. Many of the current non-union workers, often from Mexico and Guatemala, start at $6 an hour. 4

    Human Rights Watch documented company responses to workers’ union organizing efforts and deemed them “aggressive” and illegal. HRW noted that Smithfield, one of the largest pig-killing organizations in the world, threatened to close plants, stationed police at entrances to intimidate workers, and “orchestrated” an attack on union activists. 5

    A Smithfield worker from El Salvador reported to HRW that “the company has armed police walking around the plant to intimidate us. . . . It’s especially frightening for those of us from Central America. Where we come from, the police shoot trade unionists.” Jamie Feller, director of HRW, stated that “meatpacking companies hire immigrant workers because they are often the only ones who will work under such terrible conditions . . . “and they exploit the illegal status of undocumented workers to keep them quiet.” 6

    The work in the industry is also obviously brutal and deadly for the animals, but it is dangerous for the workers, as well.

    Human Rights Watch notes that the quest for profits means a push for faster production and a rationalization of the labor process that would have made Frederick Winslow Taylor proud: “Faster, faster, get that product out the door!” is the industry byword. The results are cuts, amputations, skin disease, permanent arm and shoulder damage, and even death from the force of repeated hard cutting motions. When injured employees seek workers’ compensation claims for their juries, they are told, “You got hurt at home, not on the job.” 7
    Some workers in the poultry industry recalled incidents in which other workers were fired or threatened for asking to slow the line (8 percent), and some (12 percent) said that supervisors actually sped up the line when workers asked to slow it down. 8

    As for government regulatory agencies, such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), they can be and often are co-opted, or captured, by the industries they are supposed to monitor. It has been noted that OSHA has failed to meet its standards in the meatpacking industry: “This could be a result of the lack of budget resources, inefficient management of the agency and its processes, political pressure from the industry at the expense of workers or a combination of these factors.”9

    OSHA’s low level of civil penalties is demonstrated by its record in Alabama, where it conducted 20 inspections of poultry processing plants in the past five years, resulting in 78 citations. Most of the fines were less than $5000, but those fines are often waived or reduced during settlement. In 2001 OSHA issued ergonomic regulations to reduce repetitive stress injury, but Congress repealed the standards in 2002. 10

    As for the USDA, its dismal failure to enforce the Animal Welfare Act is well documented. 11
    But there are other issues, as well. Critics say the agency is too close to the industry it regulates. While that accusation is aimed at many federal agencies, some say USDA is especially vulnerable because it is charged with enforcing the law at facilities that also pay for its services. If the USDA discovers problems with food safety and actually closes the plant, people may lose their jobs. There is also the pressure of working closely within the facilities they monitor: “USDA inspectors work within food processing and slaughter facilities and live among their employees. . . . Disrupting the plant’s operations can be viewed as a personal affront, he said. “That person might get shunned in the lunchroom.” An added consideration is that supervisors fear action against facilities that have a large influence on local economies and could cost jobs.12

    So Big-Ag exemplifies the worst kind of crony capitalism–an industry with huge profits engaged in dubious and potentially illegal activity with government regulatory agencies in its pocket. Note that Tom Vilsack, the head of the USDA, was once governor of Iowa, ran for president in 2006, and was appointed to the USDA in 2008. He has also been a partner at Dorsey & Whitney, a firm of lawyers and non-lawyer lobbyists. So he has been through the “revolving door” as is common in private sector/government collaborations.

    If animal rights advocates were joined by social justice groups and other outraged members of the public and if Big Ag’s meatpacking facilities were seriously investigated and made to conform to laws and regulations, it could have a cataclysmic effect on the industry: “Because of this heavy reliance [on illegal immigrant labor] a major effort to crack down on the hiring of illegal workers could disrupt the nation’s food industry. This would really cripple the system. . . . In the communities where these plants are located there isn’t an alternative work force. They’d have to raise wages and improve the conditions.”13

    So if they had to raise pay and improve conditions, it would affect profits of companies such as Conagra, Smithfield, and Tyson! (There is also a limit to how much they could respond by outsourcing, unlike some jobs)

    If slaughter facilities also had to conform to OSHA regulations and USDA standards and those agencies had to actually enforce their rules, it would also cost more in terms of inspections, reporting, and changes to the work process itself. Slowing down the production line would help animals, as well as workers, and that would affect profits. If the industry had to pay more to operate, it would have to raise prices and that, in turn, could decrease demand. People who cared enough for animals or social justice would boycott.

    So, why isn’t all this receiving attention? Why aren’t the working and hiring conditions at Conagra, Smithfield, Tyson and others being monitored? Why aren’t the failures of OSHA and the USDA reported more widely? Why are we accepting this kind of corruption from our institutions and businesses? Where are all the social justice advocates and pro-immigration supporters? Where are those who assert that ignoring inequality and injustice is “not who we are”? Are Conagra, Smithfield, and Tyson who we are?

    Big-Ag in its meatpacking segment is getting by with murder (but that is its legal activity!). The industry is involved with practices that should not be allowed. Those who oppose a reform movement would have to explain their own hypocrisy and why they support worker exdploitation. If enough of the American people fight and win the battle against Big-Ag, the whole workplace would be forced to change. Big-Ag would pay a price, and that is just what we want!

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  9. “Revolution may not come in my lifetime or in yours, but it must come if the animals are ever to be free. . . .” And “Meanwhile it is imperative to stop as much of the horrors as we can by any means necessary.” I completely agree. But there must be that revolution, that systemic change in our values and our lives that end the massacres. In the meantime, actually taking out a slaughterhouse owner or manager or eliminating a transport truck driver will not help. It will send an activisit to jail and end his/her work. It will unite the general population and the state against the animal rights movement. And for every owner/manager/driver who disappears, the replacement will be one interview or one phone call away. But if we can’t do immediate systemic change, we can chip away at the industry.

    I’m going to add a comment below that I wasn’t able to save into the blog last week. It suggests we should find a way to harness the anger seen in this election cycle. We need to get people organized and acting in their own self-interest and in the public interest in ways that would harm Big Ag. It won’t be enough, but we have to try . . .

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  10. Here are some Examples : These are some of the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists that my PETITION is being aimed at. Please join me; Please sign my Petition. Thank you.

    Church Leaders :

    The Pope of the Catholic Church, with all the Catholic Ministers around-the-whole-wide-World. The Head, as well as all the Ministers/Pastors of each and every Protestant Denomination.

    Evangelists – Examples :

    Andrew Wommack; Andre and Jenny Roebert; Angus Buchan; Basil Tyron; Beth Moore; Bill Winston; Bobby Schuller; Brian Houstan; Creflo Dollar; Chris Hill; David Jeremiah; David Prince; Ed Young; Franklin Graham; Jerry Carolyn and Terri Savelle; Jessy Duplant; Jimmy Swaggart; Joel Osteen; John and Matthew Hagee; Joseph Prince; Joyce Meyer; Kenneth and Gloria Copeland; M Sono; Ray McCauley; Reinhardt Bonka; Rick Warren; Rodney Howard-Brown; Stephan Munsey; Theo Wolmarans; TD Jakes; N v/d Westhuisen; and many others.

    Lord Bless, Michael.

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    • Signed..
      Kudos to you..
      from a cruelty-free vegan and atheist who does not believe in anthropocentrism and the misdirected arrogance and superiority complex of human animals…
      animals were here first…
      these beautiful sentient beings have deep feelings and have souls…
      they want and deserve life as much as we…
      and the only life we have a right to is our own..
      IMO, religion promotes all of this “humans are superior/we get to murder who we want” idiocy…
      So again, my thanks for your compassion and insight ☺

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      • Thank You laddieluv. Your open-mindedness and your acceptance of another’s ‘point-of-view’ is ‘much appreciated’. Thank You also for signing my Petirion. Lord Bless (no offense meant) Michael.

        P. S. I love the way that You refer to the Animals. I appreciate that You are extremely BUSY, but I wish you would read a poem written in 2000 – ‘Oh Beautiful Creature, You Have a Soul’. It is at page 18 to 25 of the Book ‘CRY OUT’ which is a free read at eBook :…/10042317

        Here is the 1st verse (there are 7 verses) :

        D35 3/8/2000.

        Oh Beautiful Creature, You Have a Soul.

        1. Oh beautiful Creature! You do have a Soul!
        “They don’t see – you’re a being, a whole.
        To “them” you are ‘just’ in the ‘food chain’ –
        Then “they” say about themselves….

        “We’re not vain, we can explain.
        GOD said we can eat that.
        After all ! We don’t eat cat.
        You eat plants, and plants have life !
        So how dare you ‘point’ me and my wife !
        You think you’re clever ‘vegetable man’ ?”

        (I’d better be quiet, or I’ll end in their pan!)
        Oh beautiful Creature! You too have a Soul !


    • Michael, I appreciate your suggestion and your kindness. I tried to make a difference there too. However, I finally left the Church after trying for years to ask them to change their policy and condemn abuse of animals. I wrote letters to Catholic magazines and journals, I made appointments to talk with members of the clergy, I wrote letters to bishops. I gave up. I found that the Church history had too much baggage in its insistence on human souls as opposed to no souls for animals and its insistence upon animal inferiority. Genesis may have described a vegetarian Garden of Eden, but then comes the passage on “dominion,” and the flood, Noah offered an animal sacrifice when the waters receded and God found it good. Just recently Pope Francis, comforting a child, said her dog would be in heaven. Didn’t take long for a backlash. I wish, as you obviously do, that the Church would demand moral accountability from human beings for their treatment of animals, but it won’t happen. There is too much invested in the chasm between humans and animals. Besides, if the Church demanded veganism of its members, the churches would empty. There would be a stampede out the door. The Church is the guardian of morals, but it is very pragmatic. It understands human nature.

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      • ahimsaforever, yes EXPEDIENCY is ‘the name of the game’ in the Churches; sad to say ! Lord Bless, love Michael.


  11. Armory of the Revolution.
    You make a Good case Roland. I sympathies with you fully. BUT, as a Christian … need I say more. I don’t think so.
    What I do is to approach Christian Leaders and Evangelists, as I think you know.
    You and your Members can help me by signing my Petition. Please do. Thank you. I want to help you and I want to help the Animals that you write about. Lord Bless, Michael.
    Will you Please Sign Promote my Petition and Share. Thank you.
    Will you Please Promote and Read ‘CRY OUT’ and share; it is a free read – Thank You :…/10042317


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