I Am A Lawyer. But I Have No Respect For Human Law.

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All human legal systems provide for, acknowledge, and support the ownership of our fellow Earthlings by humans. Unless, of course they also are human.

Since climbing out of the trees a quarter million years ago, people have owned people until just 150 years ago.

Animal ownership is a prerequisite to animal exploitation. Almost all cruelty to animals is carried out against animals that are owned by their abusers and killers.

The entire Animal Holocaust (the most horrific reign of terror in history) could not occur without animal ownership.

The end of ownership of animals is well below the horizon. And it can not end without ending the legal and economic systems under which it is permitted and thrives.
I am a lawyer, but I do not respect human law.

Human law is human-biased. Anthrocentric. Blind to other species.

Law does not recognize Animal Rights, nor does it treat other species as worthy of protection from exploitation, slavery, or murder.

All human legal systems acknowledge the right of one to defend another human, to use whatever force is necessary to end the threat of injury or death. No such doctrines exist to defend animals against attack.

Such a doctrine to defend animals should exist.

Current legal theory is at odds with compassion, justice, and reason.

I believe we should be legally able to shoot a hunter about to kill a deer, to subdue a slaughterhouse worker about to kill a cow; to kill a poacher hunting elephants, rhinos, tigers, etc.

I believe that members of the boards of directors of Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and the Big Banks, are as guilty of murder as were Hitler’s inner circle.

I believe that people who consume animals are as culpable as are those who shoot cows in the head, slit the throats of lambs, or decapitate chickens.

I believe full scale revolution against those who kill animals is not only justified, but is a moral imperative.

When law does not protect the oppressed, when it becomes a weapon of the oppressor, when justice is not available to the enslaved and the exploited, so are born the rights of revolt and revolution.

We long ago crossed the threshold.



Author’s Notes:

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3 thoughts on “I Am A Lawyer. But I Have No Respect For Human Law.

  1. I similarly lack respect for Religion, which in a way acts as a handmaiden to the law when it comes to animals. It gives them no moral standing, does not consider animal abuse sinful, does not demand punishment for abusers in this world or the next, and does not offer animals justice anywhere, in time or eternity. This begs the question of what kind of an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-just, and all-merciful God would be responsible for animal suffering. There has never been a good answer to that question, but that little problem of logic doesn’t seem to bother the religious community. They just talk about dominion and order another cheeseburger.


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