If You Oppress Animals, Why Should Anyone Care if Someone is Oppressing You?

oppression11African Americans with a history of slavery become insulted when exploited and abused animals are compared to slaves. Jews whose family experienced the Holocaust are outraged when factory farms are compared to death camps.

Women, who point to a long history of sexist oppression, resent it when the forced artificial insemination of cows is referred to as rape. In her essay, “Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots,” Joan Dunayer notes, “when a woman responds to mistreatment by protesting ‘I’m a human being!’ or ‘I want to be treated with respect, not like some animal,’ what is she suggesting about the acceptable ways of treating other animals?” She is suggesting that what would be intolerable treatment of a human being is acceptable treatment for beings deemed inferior. She is also demonstrating a total lack of empathy.

When human beings lament their own history of suffering and then distance themselves from or participate in the abuse and exploitation of nonhuman animals, we see the worst face of speciesism.

And every time the victims become the bullies, they disgrace themselves and diminish their credibility.

–Marcia Mueller


There are none so oppressed as animals. Jews, blacks, women, disabled, LGBTs, etc, have nothing on the oppression that animals endure. I would argue that any group wishing to bitch about their own plight should first demonstrate that they are vegan. To deserve sympathy for their own oppression they should be free of oppressing others, including animals.

Members of an oppressed group who oppress animals are morally as bankrupt as are their oppressors. 

The Nazi Holocaust was horrific, its cruelty unfathomable. Six million Jews were exterminated over several years. It’s scope continues to daunt us.

But the Animal Holocaust takes as many lives as did Hitler EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY.

African Americans were enslaved in the US for almost 400 years. Even with emancipation and civil rights, blacks are shot down in the streets and incarcerated out of proportion to their population. Over those almost 400 years, millions of blacks were enslaved. To put that into modern perspective, about the same number of animals are born into slavery EVERY SIXTY MINUTES.

Women were legally the property of their husbands under the Common Law. One hundred and fifty years after the founding of our republic, women were finally granted the right to vote. Women are still exploited by the system, earning less per hour than men, and having to fight for reproductive rights against a patriarchal society which attempts to control them. But for all the outrage about workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, and being forced to carry unwanted infants to term, most women are complicit in the rape, infanticide, and enslavement of the females of other species.

The LGBT worker who loses his job because bigots are free to fire those they do not like, thinks nothing of the animal that lost its life so he could eat dinner or wear leather.

There is a hierarchy of oppression in which the oppressed in turn oppress others.

And at the bottom of that hierarchy are the animals that are oppressed by almost everyone.



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57 thoughts on “If You Oppress Animals, Why Should Anyone Care if Someone is Oppressing You?

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  5. After the election last year, my fellow temp worker, Jeff Abate, said that he was afraid of losing his right to marry. I said, “But you’re a meat eater who isn’t concerned about an animal’s fear of being slaughtered.”
    He said, “That’s true.” (By the way, I related this anecdote to the hardcore PETA activist, Laura Ray, and it went over her head. She said she didn’t understand what the two issues had to do with each other.)

    Abate was also a coffee addict and had previously said, “Being lactose intolerant doesn’t stop me from consuming dairy.”
    I said, “There’s nothing natural about raping bovine so you can consume its lactation.”
    He said, “That’s true.” (The fridge was stocked with non-dairy milks, by the way.)

    Last month I was cyber-bullied by a gay musician, Jeremy Gloff, for suggesting that he “go vegan.” He wasn’t embarrassed to show his fans that he was a cyber-bully, but he didn’t show them the misogynistic message he sent privately. See, misogyny is politically incorrect, but carnism is accepted and social media is a troll-fest.

    I’ve started a new campaign inspired by my neighbor, Elise Dunn, a meat eating Jew: “Carnism Isn’t Kosher.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeremy Gloff here. Actually my grandmother had just passed away and I put a post on my Facebook about how she made pork chops as a kid. This girl commented on the post that if my grandma was vegan she would have lived longer. I admittedly was pretty raw because my grandma and I were close and I was in a lot of pain.

      I asked thrillracer not to put her agenda on this post. She commented that if I can’t handle the truth to not be her friend. I sent her a private message saying “here’s a little truth to remember me by, you’re a cunt”.

      I didn’t call her a cunt because I hate women. I’m basically a woman myself.

      This girl then proceeded to:
      Send postcards about me to my job, local radio stations, and venues I play. She left me voicemails. She edited my Wikipedia. She’s leaving slanderous posts about me all over the internet.

      I’d like to publicly amend my statement. You’re not a cunt. You’re a fucking psycho cunt. You’re also a lawyer in the state of California who is supposed to abide by the laws of the bar. Your harassment and stalking are sort of amusing though.

      I have a lot of vegan friends. I have a lot of women friends. And I appreciate that they don’t push their agenda during sensitive times.

      Hey, my cat just died too. Any pearls of wisdom?

      If anyone wants to hear the voice mail this chick left me or see the crazy post cards she’s sending (with Morrissey on the front nonetheless) hit me up. Much love to all my vegan friends and women friends.

      And to thrillracer: you were cool as hell. I’m disappointed in the person you turned out to be.

      Liked by 1 person

      • This argument started on Facebook. A search revealed that it was taken to Instagram behind my back. So, I took it to the Armory where I put facts on the record that are applicable to content blogged about.

        1. I said, “Go vegan to live longer.” I didn’t say that any specific person would live longer as a vegan because the general rule does not apply to everyone. The irony of fond memories of pork chop eating in a eulogy triggered the comment. https://www.jenreviews.com/vegan/

        2. I didn’t say, “Don’t be my friend.” I said, “I don’t have an agenda. I’m just real. If you can’t handle it then that’s sad.” It is sad.

        3. I sent out four (4) postcards with a screenshot of Gloff’s message pasted on them. Gloff blocked me after sending the private message, which I interpreted to mean that I should do as I please with the message. Go ahead and hit Gloff up to see the postcards.

        4. I left one (1) voicemail. For Gloff. A good one. Go ahead and hit Gloff up to hear it.

        5. Sometimes a person will occasionally mistake me for someone who can be messed with because I’m just a little lady in a man’s world with nonconformist views who doesn’t kiss ass. How dare I?


    • What YOU are doing is cyber bullying and slander against Jeremy Gloff. Cease and desist immediately! The original comment you made on his post about his grandmother dying was one of the most insensitive things I have ever seen. There is nothing hurtful or hateful about Jeremy, only honest. He calls it like he sees it. Your behavior is insane and it needs to stop NOW.

      Liked by 2 people

    • ThrillRacer,
      Consider the following fragments.

      Being a cunt isn’t Kosher Either… IJS…

      if you read what you wrote above…. and noticed that… you were only concerned about how Jeff’s lifestyle did not coincide with yours…. he listened and acknowledged you each time. And then you continued to push your lifestyle on him.

      The juxtaposition of ‘meat eating gay scared of losing the right to marry’ next to himself as ‘also not being concerned about an animal being slaughtered’ is… like “trying to make ‘Fetch’ happen, ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN GRETCHEN”

      The fact that the PETA activist didn’t ‘get it’ and you said “it went over her head” indicates that you place yourself and views… above others… this is further supported by the way you kept pushing your opinions on Jeff bc “you clearly have all the CORRECT answers”

      Your incessant need to classify people and things: vegan, gay, meat eater, musician, bovine, PETA, activist, addict, non-dairy, cyber-bully… really illustrates your binary reality. yes, no, 1, 0, have, have not, this, that.

      -The beauty in the chaos, the cycle of life, death and afterlife [if you believe in one] transcends all that surface level shit that you felt the need to rant and rave about to bring attention to yourself and your cause and your temporary feelings.

      example of non-binary: a qubit- quantum bit: it can be a 1 or a 0, or both at the same time.

      as you move forward in life, take a moment to consider every personality you meet as a cut jewel… many facets, but when hit with light at certain angles it splits the spectrum in unique ways. individuals, are always learning about themselves and others.

      every person does not need to agree with you to see your beauty, they also do not always have to acknowledge it verbally so that you recognize it. Conversely, not everyone that agrees with you can see the beauty in you and your thoughts either… real recognize real.

      -Very Respectfully,
      -John MF’n Ritter de Trampa


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  7. I would say to vegans, save the PLANTS! EAT GMO! That way YOU DON’T HARM ANY Plants or Animals. Pants HAVE FEELINGS TOO! Chemicals and artificial foods are not alive. so no harm will be done eating them!

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  8. Thank you for this! Whenever I see black men wanting to take gay rights away, I think to myself- my parents didn’t fight for your rights so you could take away others’ rights! And the animals suffer by far the most due to prejudice, greed & industrialized cruelty. I love this quote from The Art of the Herbivore- “Dairy & eggs are industries built on the exploitation of the female reproductive systems. I wish more people wishing for equality & fairness when it comes to feminist issues would see the unity of oppression & advocate for all females, including non-human ones.” Liberation for all!

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  9. I believe animal and human rights are interdependent causes, but I would never stratify them against one another. A wonderful piece in Ms. magazine written in 1983 (a fairly short, but excellent article) said that human rights abusing regimes train their terror squads to abuse humans by first having them abuse animals. De-sensitizing these soldiers and/or police to pain and suffering by first using victims it is legal to kill and who can be tortured and killed without drawing the attention of the world’s media is the method such regimes use, the piece said. It also achieves the goal of destroying the empathy in these people, to make them better torture and killing machines. It is horrifying to think about harming animals — I can’t bear the thought of it — but this 1983 Ms. article made the point that I have repeated ever since. That is, the animals rights movement IS a human rights movement.

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      • I see and thank you for you response. And while I believe that oppressors will sooner or later be oppressed in one way or another, I must say that using the term “we” is an an inaccurate generalization since not all the animal activists in the world who are constantly entreated to take up the struggle for the oppressors of animals on the basis that those oppressors are being oppressed feel or act as the title of this article describes. Some of us care about oppressed humans despite them being oppressors of other beings. I recommend you replace the pronoun “we” with “I” since it is your point of view and not the point of view of the collective you say the “we” represents.


      • You suggested that I edit the article to Why Should I Care…, arguing it was only my opinion. I responded that it seemed to be the opinion of my readers as well. Hence the WEs have it! A play on the expression the Ayes have it.

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      • “Some of us care about oppressed humans despite them being oppressors of other beings.” Really?

        So, does your boundless compassion also extend to Nazi’s, practitioners of ethnic cleansing, concentration camp administrators, ISIS executioners, genital mutilators and other assorted miscreants? Because everyone needs some love. Or is it only humans abusing non-humans that are exempt from the precepts of a universal justice? If the latter, I smell the rancid odor of speciesism and hypocrisy..

        Those incapable of or unwilling to extend mercy to their underlings deserve none in return. And the degree to which they abuse their victims dictates the fate they merit.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yes, Geoff, you are correct. My boundless compassion does extend to anybody regardless of their actions, not because everybody needs some love, as you put it, but because anybody who hurts others is actually hurting themselves, even if unknowingly. Anybody who deliberately or inadvertently hurts themselves generates compassion in me.

        Also, I agree with what you say: “those incapable of or unwilling to extend mercy to their underlings deserve none in return. And the degree to which they abuse their victims dictates the fate they merit”. However, this happens without my or your effort. It simply cause and effect.


      • Earthman, if by “we” you mean the subscribed, dedicated readers of this blog, then you are correct: I am simply not “you” because as you may or may not have noticed, Roland Vincent has openly stated that what he means by “we” in the title of this blog entry is the readers of his blog. I am not a reader of this blog. I only happened to come accross this entry on FB and it is the only entry of this blog I have ever read.


  10. Great. Truth speakers are rare now. Thanks. Today it seems everyone wants to fit in with the new politically correct agenda, competing for oppression points, and talking loudly, and proudly, announcing their disdain for racism, sexism etc., and then praising groups of humans who are responsible for enslaving the most vulnerable individuals on the planet. Keep it up friend. Right now you are being ripped a new one on social media for speaking up for the roundabout 4 or so billion non human people killed on a daily basis. Because you have written this, I have seen that you are being called a racist, a sexist, and a horrible human being, and people are jumping on the bandwagon saying you should be shamed, and to share this and to talk negatively about you to drop you as a contact online, and people are asking all their pals to do the same. Thanks for not sucking up to the popular crowd and sticking to the matter of the greatest injustice ever.

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  11. Absolutely, and to say that comparing these atrocities cheapens them is outrageous. As a woman, I feel that all the indignities, discrimination, and abuse my sex has had and still has to endure, in no way compares to what my species does to nonhuman animals every minute of every day.

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  13. Dear Roland,

    This is the best overview of oppression of sentient beings verses speciesism I’ve read.



    If I had extra disposable income I would send some but I don’t. I will however post this on my FB groups Toronto Vegans, Toronto Vegetarian Association and Global Vegan Registry.

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