American Sniper

Someone who lies in wait to kill another is guilty of first degree murder in most jurisdictions.

Society perceives that murder by stealth and lying in wait are particularly cowardly and evil, and society exacts a more severe punishment for such outrageous acts.

The defenses to such a crime are very limited. But one works every time: murder done at the command of the government.

Snipers, for some mysterious reason, are thought heroic.
In fact, they are cowards. They kill from a distance. They murder people they do not know. They are not personally at risk as they kill.

They are the ultimate example of a contract killer. A hired thug. A disgrace to humanity.

Unless they are extolled by some right wing Neanderthal of a film director.

But even Clint Eastwood has trouble selling the idea that a cowardly murderer is one to be lauded. But if anyone can do it, Eastwood can.

All we need do is remember that American Sniper is propaganda.

Right wing, fascist, murderous, pro-military madness.


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