Obama Spins the Trans Pacific Partnership to Wayne Pacelle

Keywords: stock, president obama,, kenya, africa, wildlife Kenya. 25th July, 2015. US President Barack Obama speaks during a joint news conference with his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta at the State House in Nairobi Kenyan Capital. Obama is on his three day visit to the country, his first visit to his father's homeland since becoming president. He promoted Africa as a hub for global economic growth during a four-day state visit to Kenya and Ethiopia to address terrorism, economic recovery and human rights. © Tom Maruko/Pacific Press/Alamy Live News

Wayne Pacelle heads the Humane Society of the United States.

Wayne Pacelle recently interviewed Barack Obama and published the interview on his blog, Humane Nation. Click here to read Wayne’s article

It has been seen as an indication of just how important HSUS has become, and how much influence animal activists are having. We in the animal movement have long been working to gain the attention of politicians. To have the President of the US direct his attention to the movement is indeed gratifying.

But in this instance, Barack Obama was trying to influence the animal movement. He did not address any of the concerns the movement has about US policies involving animals. He made the entire interview a propaganda session to sell the TPP to Wayne and the rest of us.

Barack Obama is committed to pushing the Tran Pacific Partnership through Congress. His opposition has primarily been the left wing of his own party, and a smattering of renegade Republicans. Most support for the TPP comes from Republicans and Wall Street Democrats, politicians in bed with the lobbyists who wrote the TPP and the multinational corporations which will make billions if the TPP is adopted.

So the task at hand is to convince liberals and progressives to stop opposing the TPP.

HSUS is very influential with animal activists and political liberals and progressives.

President Obama summoned Wayne Pacelle to the White House to put a convincing spin on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Obama went to great lengths to describe how the TPP would improve the plights of endangered species and would provide procedures to force countries to end the trade in threatened wildlife and animal parts.

And it sounded very convincing!

Maybe we should all get aboard the TPP?

Hell, no!

For any of those provisions to be invoked would require the resolve of the United States to intervene on behalf of animals.

The US doesn’t even intervene on behalf of its own animals. The US engages in horrific roundups of wild Mustangs, kills wildlife for cattle ranchers, kills and maims whales and dolphins for the Navy, subsidizes the torture and deaths of millions of laboratory and testing animals, permits the murders of wolves, removes protections from endangered species, opens public lands to trophy hunters, etc.

Obama’s concerns for endangered wildlife in other countries rings hollow.

And the TPP would make it easier for businesses to engage in animal slaughter and make animal corpses cheaper to produce and more profitable to sell. The TPP will encourage live export. It will override such dismal anti cruelty laws as currently exist, and make it impossible for the US to ban the import meat no matter how horribly and cruelly it was produced.

Wayne Pacelle’s interview was a coup for the animal movement. We must not let it become a tool of the multinational corporations who pull Obama’s strings.

We need to reject the TPP and ignore the propaganda.

Doing so will help millions of animals trapped in the food system. And it will exponentially grow the influence of the animal movement.

The next time a president summons Wayne Pacelle, maybe the president will listen to Wayne Pacelle.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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24 thoughts on “Obama Spins the Trans Pacific Partnership to Wayne Pacelle

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  4. Mr. Vincent,

    Someone recently brought my attention to one of your more irresponsible web postings, in which you openly advocated “taking out” animal exploiters. To advocate killing people in our political context is beyond irresponsible–it is criminal. Though I share you sense of urgency vis-a-vis human violence against animals, I am appalled that you think that threatening, hurting, or even killing people is a productive way for us to build a radical movement. The fact is that until and unless we can convince at least a sizable minority of our fellow humans to end the speciesist system, there is no prospect that we will be in a position to begin dismantling that system. So encouraging others to commit terrorist acts is a very good way to hurt our movement. It will not going to make people more sympathetic to our movement, but the opposite. We know this from the history of terrorism.

    Finally, the fact that you refuse to criticize your avowed “friend” Wayne Pacelle–the greatest traitor to the animal cause in history, a promoter of mass violence against animals who has sold not only his own organization but the animal rights movement down the proverbial river–suggests to me that you are not merely a dangerous and irresponsible thinker, but a confused one as well. On the one hand, you stake out a macho position as a “radical”–which in your thinking seems to mean advocating that others embark on campaigns on reckless violence. On the other hand, you give Pacelle, this enemy of animal liberation, a complete “pass,” and make excuses for his apologia for genocide.

    If you genuinely care about our movement, take down this website.


    John Sanbonmatsu
    Editor of “Critical Theory and Animal Liberation”


    • Lol! Forgive me for finding this tremendously amusing.
      Where shall I start? You surely cannot expect me to silence myself because I have offended your sensibilities?
      Let me be perfectly clear. My life’s work is animal liberation, animal rights, and the destruction of capitalism. To the best of my knowledge, this blog is the only one expressing those sentiments.
      Let me begin with Wayne Pacelle and HSUS.
      You may not remember what HSUS was before Wayne took over the organization. Animal issues beyond dog and cats rescue and spaying and neutering were not addressed. Under Wayne’s helmsmanship the organization has waged campaigns on fur, hunting, sealing, whaling, animals in agriculture, dog fighting, cockfighting, horse slaughter, etc.
      The ludicrous suggestion that Pacelle has sold HSUS and the AR movement “down the river,” speaks to your disrespect for those who disagree with you. You have placed both Wayne and me in your crosshairs, as neither of us agree with the present direction, or effectiveness, of the animal movement.
      HSUS is not a radical organization. It recruits from the general public, and is perhaps the single most effective organization in the world in attracting people to animal activism. It is from its ranks that most animal activists have come, and it is a presence that could not be sustained if it were a radical, anti-capitalist organization.
      Were it to be another mouthpiece for veganism, it could not be more ineffective than are the rest of those voices. Veganism is not slowing the Animal Holocaust.
      Unless you are working toward social revolution, you have absolutely no business criticizing Wayne Pacelle or HSUS, as your efforts are likely less effective than are theirs in saving animals or recruiting animal activists.
      The modern animals movement can roughly be dated with the publication of Animal Liberation by Peter Singer, in 1975. In the intervening 41 years, animal slaughter has more than tripled from under 20 billion animals murdered each year then to the mind boggling number of 60 billion today.

      Nothing we have done has stemmed the sea of blood or the unending screams of innocent creatures. Not recruiting vegans, not educating the public, not demos, leafleting, letter writing, or voting.

      All of the animals saved by all animal activists around the world are fewer than the number who will be murdered in the next eight hours. And that excludes all the sea creature victims of humans, which account for two and a half trillion deaths annually, or about a million per second, around the clock.

      The Animal Holocaust is driven by capitalists in pursuit of profits. Profit is the leading cause of animal cruelty and exploitation in the world.

      Our legal systems allow and provide for the ownership of other creatures. Our capitalist economic system encourages and rewards animal cruelty, enslavement, exploitation, murder, and consumption. Our governments protect the industries and the abusers, and even subsidize them. The control of government by capitalist interests means legislation targeting animal liberationists and criminalizing animal activists.

      The only hope for animals is bringing down the economic,legal, and political systems which permit the existence of the Animal Holocaust.

      I harbor no illusions that overthrowing capitalism is on the horizon. Indeed, it is considerably below the horizon, decades or centuries away. But the goal of recruiting revolutionaries should be a higher priority for animal activists than recruiting vegans.

      For your information, advocating for direct action is not illegal. What is illegal is calling for the imminent commission of a crime. As an attorney, I have carefully crafted my messages to avoid being accused of doing so. That said, I have no respect for human law, except to the degree that I wish to avoid being prosecuted by it.

      Revolution requires violent action. It was necessary in the American and French Revolutions, the Mexican Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, etc. All participants in any of them would have been prosecuted had the revolutions failed.

      Human depopulation would help both animals and the environment. But only human extinction would eliminate animal cruelty and exploitation. We cannot bank on pandemics and wars to reduce populations, but we can work on instituting socialism in place of capitalism.

      Socialist societies murder and consume half the number of animals per capita as do capitalist societies.

      Which means that a socialist world would murder and consume 30 billion fewer animals each year than are now murdered and consumed by capitalist societies.

      The animal movement worldwide saves some one million animals each year, using generous estimates. Instituting socialist governments would have the effect of 30,000 of our current animal movements!

      The equivalent of every animal activist multiplied by 30,000!

      We are far too few in number to successfully revolt against the state. To be successful, animal activists must join broad coalitions in opposition to capitalism.

      Political revolution was a distant dream of radicals and progressives until Bernie Sanders made the case for overthrowing the political establishment in the US. Bernie’s revolution is still playing itself out, and may well be realized in the next several election cycles as young people take over roles in society and politics.
      Social revolution is a much more remote goal, as social revolution would mean bringing an end to capitalism and the current legal system in each country where it succeeded.
      Social revolution is not accomplished through incrementalism or gradualism. Ending the rule of the state is a violent endeavor, as the state would use all of its power and resources to put down insurrection. The state’s first line of defense are the local police, backed up by the National Guard (in the US) and ultimately the military. Only widespread revolt, supported by the populace, can withstand the brutal suppression the state would unleash against those challenging its authority and power.
      With enough constituencies harboring unrest and antipathy toward the state, an environment of potential success is present, provided there are those willing to ignite revolution and wage war against the government.
      Flashpoints are a requirement for revolution. There have been any number or outrages against African Americans by police over the years, many recently. Unarmed men and children shot down in the streets or murdered in police custody. Each of those atrocities warranted armed insurrection, riots, and vigilantism. That non occurred demonstrates that social revolution still a distant possibility.
      The very nature of the American political system deflects outrage and diffuses meaningful efforts to challenge or change it. People are mollified by the illusion of impacting the system through voting and petitioning for redress.
      For revolution to succeed, a broad coalition of diverse constituencies must assemble in opposition to the status quo.
      Recruiting revolutionaries should be the primary goal of all who wish to bring down the capitalist system.
      There is probably no more fertile ground for nurturing social revolutionaries than within the animal activist community. Capitalism is the author of the greatest of atrocities ever committed: the Animal Holocaust.
      The only possibility of ending, or drastically reducing, the horrors is through direct action against those capitalists who own or direct the slaughter industries, as well as the bankers and politicians who enable the genocide.
      Attacking the very heart of capitalist power may be the only way to ignite the revolution.
      Our task is to build the coalition that can sustain it.


    • My estimation of Wayne Pacelle’s influence is based upon the size of the membership of the Humane Society of the United States, it’s extensive operations, it’s programs and campaigns, and its very impressive annual budget. In addition Wayne has been the public face of HSUS since he became CEO. Nothing whatsoever to do with “humane” slaughter.


      • RV- so you like him because he can fundraise (like HSUS did before him) and you think he is influential? Yes by animal people who like and believe the humane myth. The rest of us differ.


      • I like Wayne because he is a friend. I consider him influential because he is. We disagree on a number of things. I don’t think Wayne believes that slaughter can be humane, and I believe Wayne is trying to improve the treatment of animals trapped in the food system.

        Every animal in the food system is going to be murdered. Every. Single. One. The only ones we can save are those who have yet to be born. Until, and unless, we bring down capitalism, the Animal Holocaust will continue. Wayne Pacelle is trying to relieve as much suffering as he can. HSUS is serving a critical aspect of the animal movement, it is helping the movement grow and to recruit activists. HSUS is attracting support that would not otherwise be available to the movement, and Pacelle has steered HSUS to address animal issues that it had never done before.


      • Again, “reducing suffering?” hardly measurable and relieves people of any guilt or motivation to go vegan (ethical vegan) if they think their choices are “humane.”

        Seems like HSUS is good at fundraising, at least in part, by promoting eating and exploiting animals (BBQs) – hardly an organization or an influence that I feel is an effective voice for the animals.

        What about the work of Animal Place trying to get animal rescue organizations to go vegan at their events? http://www.foodforthoughtcampaign.org/

        “Relieving as much suffering” is promoting the humane myth.

        For more on Wayne Pacelle/HSUS supporting the “humane animal exploitation” please see http://www.humanemyth.org/meatopiaonthemarch.htm

        Imagine if all of their money was used to actually end animal exploitation and they didn’t promote animal exploitation! Of course, if they actually promoted the end of animal exploitation they wouldn’t be able to raise the kind of money they raise.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It seems the issue is as follows- do you believe “happy meat” will reduce animal deaths. And you have to believe that the poor animals who are ‘cage free’ are actually happy after their beaks are cut off, after the male chicks are ground up (happily, I guess) and before they get killed. “Happy” is a big h strech here.


      • As a reader of this blog you already know that I do not believe there is such a thing as humane slaughter, and your preposterous allusion to “happy meat” is offensive.

        Nor do I believe animal slaughter can be reduced absent social upheaval, chaos, and violent revolution. Such are unlikely scenarios in the near future. Activists who bemoan those trying to improve the treatment of animals trapped in the food system, and who instead call for the end of all slaughter, are doing animals no favors. Every animal Big Ag owns or controls is going to be brutally, cruelly killed. If HSUS and others can extort concessions about the treatment of animals in the food system, they will have accomplished much more than we who are demanding an end to slaughter. An end of slaughter is not only impossible under capitalism, but the killings are increasing despite all our efforts to recruit vegans and to educate and appeal to the public.

        If you have a suggestion how we end the Animal Holocaust I’d be interested to hear it.


      • Your second paragraph you write as if what you say is fact and it is not. It is your opinion. I say, those who promote “humane” exploitation are doing the animals no favors. They are perpetuating the use of animals. Those who promote “humane” exploitation are doing more damage than those promoting the end to slaughter.


      • I would be very curious to know your explanation of how calling for an end to slaughter accomplishes anything at all. The modern animal movement has been active for about 50 years. Today, slaughter is up over 400% since we started. And the number of animals murdered in slaughterhouses is now upwards of 60 billion annually. Even though we preach veganism, recruit vegans, campaign to educate the public and appeal to people’s mores, values, and empathy, the Animal Holocaust continues. It is both ridiculous and disingenuous to demean those trying to help animal trapped in the food system with complaints that they are aiding in animal exploitation.


      • I would hardly say that the modern animal movement has been cohesive in promoting the end to animal slaughter/exploitation. As you know, HSUS is a very important organization and they are not promoting the end to animal exploitation. In addition, to be clear, I think promoting “happy meat” which HSUS does, increases the number of animals killed because it assuages people’s guilt and motivation to go vegan. At the same time, I agree with you that promoting veganism and appealing to people’s mores is not going to be the key to ending animal exploitation.

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  5. Global Justice and the Environment believes “negotiators agreed to compromises that renders TPP’s environmental chapter useless.” I want to see restrictions on Cargill’s demand for palm oil and I want to see bans on destruction of the Malaysian rain forest to harvest it. Tigers, pygmy elephants, and orangutans are just three threatened species. I want to see the end of poaching pangolins for food in Vietnam. I’m not all that hopeful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wayne Pacelle is probably the most influential person in the animal movement, and because of that he was patronized by President Obama to generate support for the Trans Pacific Partnership.

      Wayne Pacelle and I disagree on a number of things, but he is both a friend and a person I support. Under Wayne, HSUS has become much more than the touchy-feely dog and cat organization it was 20 years ago. Almost all animal rights activists are alumni of HSUS. The continuing work of HSUS reduces animal suffering and educates both activists and the public. Until social revolution succeeds in ending capitalism, organizations like HSUS will continue to play an important role in animal protection and in recruiting for the Animal Rights movement.

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      • I agree that Pacelle has brought the HSUS a long way. I see people commenting that they hate the organization and call it radical, so he is obviously offending and threatening more abusers than ever before.

        Liked by 1 person

      • “Reduces animal suffering?” – this is always a questionable, at best, “statistic” for me. Let’s look at the number of animals killed per year as a measure of effectiveness. Like Friends of Animals new slogan – there is no right way to do the wrong thing (“humane”, organic, etc.). Since HSUS supports BBQ’s – http://james-mcwilliams.com/?p=5460 and has someone who sends pigs to slaughter on their board – the kind of “education” they are doing is again, questionable at best. Of course, HSUS does some good work and they are important – but that they are important and not a good representative for all animals is problematic for me.

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