Trump is the Least of Our Problems. We Could Have a President Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Awarded The 2013 Lantos Human Rights Prize

Democrats hoping for a progressive president winning the White House this year will be sorely disappointed unless Bernie Sanders is nominated and elected.

If Hillary is nominated and elected we will not have anything close to a progressive president.

The differences between the progressive Sanders and Hillary Clinton are profound.

Merely donning the cloak of a Democrat in no way means one is a progressive.

Hillary supports a belligerent foreign policy. Bernie does not.

Hillary embraces trade agreements. Bernie does not.

Hillary accepts bribes from Wall Street. Bernie does not.

Hillary opposes universal healthcare. Bernie supports it.

Hillary supports military interventionism. Bernie does not.

Hillary supports regime change. Bernie does not.

Hillary opposes raising the cap on Social Security contributions. Bernie does not.

Hillary opposes banning corporate money from politics. Bernie does not.

Hillary supports the revolving door between industry and government. Bernie opposes it.

Should Bernie be unsuccessful in winning the Democratic nomination, he has said he would support Hillary Clinton. But he has also said that she would have to earn the votes of his supporters.

Here are some of the problems she faces in winning our votes:

Like the general public, Berners do not trust Hillary.

Berners are not persuaded that they must fall in line behind Hillary in order to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

Most Berners do not like Trump, but he is actually closer to Bernie than is Hillary on trade, military adventurism, corporate control of government, the revolving door, and lobbyists.

If Hillary wins the White House, she will face a divided Congress and gridlock in government, just as Obama has in his second term. In all probability her negatives will continue to grow and she will be perceived as a failed president. As such, it is probable that the Republicans will sweep elections in 2018 and 2020, assuring that Democrats are unable to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census. Just as occurred in 2010, the Republicans will be able to gerrymander congressional districts in 2020, denying Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives until at least 2030.

If Trump is elected president, the exact opposite result occurs, as Democrats will be running against a failed and unpopular President Trump. They would sweep statehouse races in 2018 and win down ballot contests across the country in 2020. After the 2020 Census, Democrats would draw fair and representative districts, and would be assured of a Democratic majority in Congress for a decade.

With Trump as the Republican nominee, the choice between him and Hillary isn’t even close. Trump is the overwhelmingly better choice, on policy issues alone.

When reapportionment is factored in, Trump looks positively attractive.

But the most important consideration is what a Hillary vs Trump outcome would mean for the political revolution we have started.

If Hillary is president, Bernie’s revolution will stall at best, unravel and fail at worst. Hillary and her cohorts at the DNC will do all they can to stop insurgent Democrats from challenging Wall Street Democrats in office. With the power of the presidency at her disposal, Hillary will block Bernie at every turn. Her allies in Congress will make life hell for Bernie Sanders. And for all us progressives hoping to change the system.

If Hillary is defeated, however, Bernie will be the most influential Democrat in the party. The revolution will continue at full speed. No pesky Hillary-bots to interfere with our progress or our agenda.

The establishment is terrified of Donald Trump because they cannot control him, and have no hold over him. That panic is driving the nationwide propaganda campaign against him by politicos, media talking heads, political pundits, and lobbyists.

Hillary is using their propaganda to frighten voters. If she is not elected, that Big Bad Bogeyman Trump will win!

If it comes to her and Trump, I hope he does win.

I will certainly be working for him.



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20 thoughts on “Trump is the Least of Our Problems. We Could Have a President Clinton.

  1. I’ll be sure to bookmark this blog, I’ll definitely come back someday. I am genuinely thankful for what you’re doing here! I am kind of totally impressed! I simply must tell you that I love your websites page. You really deserve a big hug right now.


  2. You’re overlooking the elephant in the room: the Supreme Court. The next President will almost certainly appoint three or more new Justices. After Bush’s horrific choices of Roberts and Alito, do you really want to have *any* Republican, including Trump, make those picks?


    • Well, since you don’t want a republican choosing, you might as well go lobby your superdelegates to support Bernie because Clinton IS a republican. Look at her foreign policy.


    • What’s embarrassing is that our primary elections, paid for by we the people, are shutting out millions of voters to produce a predetermined result. Don’t tell me “those are the rules.” The rules are so byzantine and complex that the house wins every time. If you tried to play a poker game with someone like that, you might be in serious trouble.

      What’s embarrassing is that our media are nothing but the mouthpieces of a corrupt elite.

      What’s embarrassing is that we’ve got a pathological liar as the front runner for both parties’ campaigns.

      What’s embarrassing is that Americans haven’t taken to the streets enmasse but, we may not have that embarrassment much longer, if these shenanigans keep up.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Please get a grip. Hopefully you are too yoing and gullible to know better. But the fact is Bernie is not the answer. He is neither Mother Teresa nor Santa Claus, just the old man behiding behind the curtain pretending to be the great Wizard of Oz. Drink up that Kool Aid its got a short shelf life. Hillary will not only be our next President, but the country eill be far bettrr of because of it. There is a reason Bernie is lossing badly, he’s a swiftboating fraud,who offer empty promises and unworkable solution.


      • Hillary is a corporatist shill and a war hawk. Her foreign policy is indistinguishable from W’s or Dick Cheney’s. She is personally responsible for the murders of thousands of people in Libya and Syria.

        It is laughable to argue that Bernie Sanders’ positions are unworkable, as they are successful in most of the world.

        Liked by 3 people

  3. Quite the laundry list of policy differences between a neocon-lite corporatist and a liberal progressive … wouldn’t you say?


  4. •A. The majority of Bern supporters are independents;
    •B. The Dem party left us;
    •C. The DNC and Dem party have exhibited corruption and cheating at a level not seen since Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall;
    •D. I’m not voting for the Dem party, I’m voting for Bernie;
    •E. I – and the vast majority of Bernie supporters won’t vote for Hill for the same reason-principle. Why should anyone be ok with a system she, her machine, the DNC, the Dem party, the president of the Dem party-Mr Obama have so corrupted and distorted as to be unrecognizable;
    •F. Hillary now trails Trump in national polls;
    •G. Hillary will very likely be indicted by the FBI in the near future – or cause an even bigger political upheaval if Obama tries to reduce the charges arbitrarily, as he did with the Wall Street crooks;
    •H. Her foundation is being investigated by the IRS-for a host of reasons including sloppy tax returns going back 10 years, the forming and evolvement of the foundation in a very “unusual and not according to standard practices,” – when Bill created it and thru a couple morphs, questions concerning the legality of foreign government donations, the fact that the foundation has given less than 10% of donations to help charitable projects, a charge of “inurement”-creating such organization for personal gain and for close cronies-the Clinton’s three “salaries” are exorbitantly high, particularly since they can’t show much work done to justify them;
    •I. The DOJ has just opened an investigation of her campaign in Illinois for election fraud;
    •J. She’s one of the world’s largest gun dealers-selling tens of millions to foreign governments AFTER they’ve donated tens of millions to her campaign;
    •K. The result of these sales has led directly to the killing and maiming of innocents in these countries – including MANY CHILDREN and created a massive refugee movement;
    •L. She’s a proven liar, cheater and law breaker who feels she’s above the law.

    So, no. I won’t vote for her. And I’ll repeat – WE’RE NOT MEMBERS OF THE DEM PARTY. They caused this situation themselves.

    At convention the super delegates can choose: Bernie-the candidate who can defeat Trump by double digits, or push Hillary despite our warnings, thereby putting Trump in the White House.

    So please don’t try to tell us we’re “hurting the party.” This if of their own making. Now they have to reap what they’ve sown.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. You hope to take down Capitalism? Even Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to do away with Capitalism. Democratic Socialism requires a nice balance between Capitalism and Socialism. It won’t work without this balance.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. There are many efforts in place to organize people to continue to support for Bernie after the primaries, and analyses suggesting he could still pull off the nomination after the convention when he gets enough votes, as he probably will, to prevent Hillary from attaining the magic number and winning before then.

    Lacking that, The Bernie Or Bust movement seeks to write him in or, if that isn’t possible, to vote third party. I see little value and supporting either Hillary or Trump and we need to end this false dichotomy as soon as we can. That means now, and it means risking a either a Trump or a Clinton presidency. Whoever comes after them will be worse than both of them. And again after that. And after that we may not even have a choice.

    This addiction to voting for the lesser of two evils is what got us into this mess. It will not get us out of it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Allowing Hillary to win the presidency will put all we have done in jeopardy. Hillary and her cohorts will effectively stymie or kill Bernie’s revolution. If she is president, the Democrats will not gain back control of Congress until 2030. If she is defeated, Bernie will be the most influential Democrat in the country, the revolution will continue full speed, and we will nominate Warren or another progressive in 2020. Voting for Trump is not voting for the lesser of two evils, it is strategically excising evil from the leadership of the Democratic party.


    • Hillary is a known quantity. One I refuse to swallow.

      Trump is an ineffective grandstanding imbecile. The longer this charade goes on, the more comfortable I am with letting him have it if Hillary is the Dem nominee. He won’t have a unified party on either side to work with him. So he at least won’t be able to ram through a destructive agenda, and SHE WILL.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I could not agree with you more, cazimi3!

      Either write in Bernie, vote a third party, (preferably Green), or leave the POTUS section blank, while you continue to vote for everyone and everything else. Trust me, leaving it blank will give the political scientists who micro-analyze these things a message. It will tell them that WE are not happy with the candidates that the PARTIES gave us, because we sure as hell didn’t get to chose! The primaries have become a JOKE!

      Remember, too, that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.
      I refuse to vote for evil anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I don’t know now who to vote for I just wish Kasich had done better, definitely not Clinton, maybe if Trump got good advisers and a trustworthy cabinet he may be our only hope, but right now he feels he can say or do anything, the power of money!!!!!


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