There is a Certain Justice in an Oppressor Being Oppressed

oppressionBlacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTs, etc, are all oppressed in one way or another. Their basic human rights are frequently denied them. Blacks are shot down in the streets, Hispanics are rounded up and deported, women are still fighting for equal pay and workplace respect, for reproductive freedom and an end to patriarchy, LGBTs have no legal protection against bigotry in the workplace or the marketplace.

Yet most of those people in turn abuse, exploit, and oppress animals.

People who are oppressed by others generally react negatively when their own oppression of animals is discussed.

To the observer, there is a certain justice when one who denies rights to others finds his own rights violated. But most who complain of oppression seem oblivious to the harm they do in turn. Most see the specks in the others eyes but are unaware of the beams in their own.

In a previous article, If You Oppress Animals, Why Should Anyone Care if Someone is Oppressing You?, I asserted that being oppressed does not entitle one to sympathy if they, too, are oppressing others, including animals. This article seeks to enlighten those who are unaware of the oppression for which they are responsible.

To end oppression, cruelty, and the violations of the rights of others requires an understanding of what we do to others, to both people and animals.

As to animals, the horrors visited upon them by even the most benign meateater or dairy consumer makes any oppression suffered by humans to be almost laughable.

What group of oppressed humans are slaughtered at the rate of six million per hour?

What group of oppressed humans is born into slavery? Raped when of age to conceive? Has their newborns torn from them at birth and murdered? Are then slaughtered when unable any longer to produce milk?

What group of oppressed humans has their babies ground up alive?

What group of humans is boiled or dismembered alive?

Even being shot down in the streets by racist police seems humane compared to what animals endure.

Being deported, earning less money, or being fired are relatively harmless affronts.

Oppressing others is unforgivable. We are conditioned to consider it understandable.

What is not understandable is the continued oppression of animals when ignorance can no longer be offered as an excuse.

The animals do not care how unjustly you have been treated as you murder them.

Nor do I.



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12 thoughts on “There is a Certain Justice in an Oppressor Being Oppressed

  1. Great post and unfortunately too true. It is also one reason I’m against intersectionality. Most social justice groups do not care about animals. (An exception is VINE Sanctuary.) Activists who have not abandoned speciesism are not likely to get involved with animal causes. Animal activists need to consider if they want to contribute to other issues when animals get the least help already.


  2. “In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis. HUMAN BEINGS SEE OPPRESSION VIVIDLY WHEN THEY ARE THE VICTIMS. Otherwise they victimize blindly and without a thought.”
    ― Isaac Bashevis Singer

    “As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behaviour towards creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified THE MOST EXTREME RACIST THEORIES, the principle that might is right.”
    ― Isaac Bashevis Singer, Enemies, A Love Story

    Human supremacism does not discriminate between species, race, gender, class, culture, etc because speciesism exists everywhere humanity has infested the planet with its custom-made global empire based on values and ideology of hatred and contempt for animals that legitimate the exercise of power and control over them. They are depicted as “sub-human alien others” and treated as “things.” And devalued as property, resources, machines, tools, “livestock,” game (animals), clowns, pests….

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  3. Most people care only about themselves and their immediate family. But most limit the circle of compassion and moral concern to humanity.

    People not only do not want to be oppressed or disrepected, they do not want to be the object of any harm. They complain about trivial pain but do not limit the amount of suffering they inflict on animals.

    On March 6, 2016, at a Trump press conference in Jupiter, Florida, a reporter claimed she was assaulted and harmed. Her injury? A bruise. The media lit up with the news of her complaint.

    That same day approximately 18,000 cows alone were slaughtered. If they could lament their fate through slit throats, how many human beings would listen or care? How many papers or TV stations would carry their story?

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  4. Great article Roland I myself am Disabled and other issues which I believe help me to relate to what we are doing to the most vulnerable . I have been Vegan for 35yrs and would never change that I only wish I had done this earlier . Your article are great .
    Gerry you FB FRIEND and fellow AR ACTIVIST .

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  5. Thank you, for that.

    On Aug 24, 2016 12:03 AM, “Armory of the Revolution” wrote:

    > Roland Vincent posted: “Blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTs, etc, are all > oppressed in one way or another. Their basic human rights are frequently > denied them. Blacks are shot down in the streets, Hispanics are rounded up > and deported, women are still fighting for equal pay and work” >

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  6. Perfectly stated! When I was much younger and very naïve I thought that all the injustices committed against animals were simply the result of ignorance. And that once they were exposed and the greater public became aware of them, the vast majority of people would rise up in righteous anger and that justice and mercy would flow like a torrent down a mountainside and wash the slate clean.

    In the age of television and the Internet, public ignorance about what goes on is no longer a plausible excuse. Ergo, anyone not actively opposing the cruelty and abuse that animals are routinely subjected to by human society is complicit in a crime. Amidst what is being done every second of every day to non-human animals, whining about being a “victim” of sexual harassment or racial discrimination or religious intolerance or not being allowed to use the bathroom of one’s choice seems ludicrous!

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  7. That is one of the most horrible things I have heard EVER! How insulting! If we are gay, black, mexican or women, we abuse animals more because we are oppressed? Unsubscribed. Wow. How about you assuming that we would hurt animals because we are oppressed? Shame on you. Ignorant to the umpth degree. Let me guess you are a white male writing this?


    • If you actually read the piece, you wold have gleaned nothing of the sort. I never suggested that oppressed people oppress animals MORE than does anyone else. i state that they are unaware of the oppression they cause, and that such oppression is far worse than that which they suffer.

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    • I actually wrote an awesome poem about people like Dawn Davidson who attack based on their own reading miscomprehension.

      You have a problem with the words on the screen
      The problem is you don’t know what they mean
      You want to attack, you want to cause a scene
      Well, shut the fuck up until you learn how to read.

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