We Need to Dig Up Richard Nixon and Apologize to the Sonofabitch

Richard M. Nixon

Richard M. Nixon

When Richard Nixon was president, I was a stockbroker with Paine, Webber, Jackson, and Curtis. My offices were in Encino, California, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. As my weekends would allow, I was in the streets protesting Nixon’s unconscionable prosecution of the war in Viet Nam and the murders of civilians in Cambodia.

Nixon, in my mind was the epitome of evil in American politics.

In retrospect, he was a pussycat.

Bill and Hillary Clinton make Nixon look positively benign.

And the Watergate scandal, which drove Nixon from office, was a mere misdemeanor compared to the felonies committed by Hillary Clinton, and covered up by Obama’s Justice Department.

By rights, we as a country should dig up Richard Nixon and apologize to his corpse. If Richard Nixon was guilty of anything, it pales in comparison to the crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama, and the State and Justice Departments.

After the war crimes of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, et al, Barack Obama gave them all a pass, and ordered his Justice Department to abandon any inquiries into their criminal conduct.

That should have been our first clue that we were in trouble as a nation.

The president of the United States condoned war crimes.

That the president of the United States then engaged in war crimes of his own should not have been a complete surprise.

But we were silent as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton murdered Muslim civilians in countries we had no business being in, used drones to kill people in countries we weren’t at war with, and kept up George W Bush’s unlawful and immoral wars. They murdered hundreds of thousands of Muslims and made billions of dollars in profits for US munitions manufacturers, aircraft companies, and guidance producers.

We should have known better.

But the icing on the cake was the whitewash of Hillary Clinton by the FBI.

The FBI acknowledged that Hillary broke the law, but declined to prosecute her because it was “unintentional!” Anyone else would have been in jail. The FBI routinely prosecutes people for offenses as minor as making false statements to FBI agents, but in Hillary’s case, the FBI did not even place her under oath or record her interrogation. The whole thing smells.

Nixon was driven from office on less.

If we allow this outrageous conduct to go unpunished, we have a moral obligation to dig up Richard Nixon and apologize to him.

The better course of action would be to indict Clinton and impeach Obama.

And to elect Donald Trump or Jill Stein.



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12 thoughts on “We Need to Dig Up Richard Nixon and Apologize to the Sonofabitch

  1. Nixon’s most egregious war crime, from the standpoint of the nonhuman life on this planet, was the extensive use of chemical weapon Agent Orange, which had permanent effects on the wildlife of the Southeast Asian rainforest. I am not aware of anything that the Clintons have done which comes anywhere close to this crime.
    Perhaps it’s time you stopped pretending to be an animal activist, and rename this blog Armory for Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have you not been paying attention? Hillary supports trade agreements which cost hundreds of millions of animals their lives every year. Trade agreements make slaughter cheaper and more profitable, using Third World grunts to murder, butcher, pack and ship animal corpses. Trade agreements make it impossible to stop live export for slaughter or sacrifice. They require nations to ban Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts. (Obama has already complied with this requirement).
      I back Trump because he opposes these monstrous trade deals.


    • If you Marc are not aware of ‘anything that the Clintons have done which comes anywhere close to this crime’…. than you are willfully ignorant! There is plenty of proof accessible to anyone with access to the internet and to ignore it doesn’t erase it…”In this age of information, ignorance is a choice!”


      • I do not regard support for trade agreements, which Roland keeps harping on, a crime of the same magnitude as ecocide. Jerry, do you have some other alleged crime in mind, perhaps misuse of a government email server?


      • I see no appreciable difference between Hillary and Trump on environmental issues. Trump is for exploiting our natural resources, as is Clinton. Hillary pays lip service to concerns about climate change, yet she supports fracking, and while Secretary of State, exported fracking to the world. Trump denies the science and will do nothing, either. To be both fair and realistic, nothing can be done on the scale necessary to impact global warming so long as we remain a capitalist society in a capitalist world.


    • If you Marc know of no crimes executed by the Clintons, then you either have not researched them or you are willfully ignorant….”In this age of information, ignorance is a choice!”


    • I like you had a passionate distaste for Richard Nixon. Reading Woodward & Bernstein and Jack Anderson daily was an activity that I looked forward to.
      I never thought I’d say or think what you have written here, but you’re sentiments borne out of frustration with today’s reality are understandable. However, there is nothing good about War especially the Vietnam War. We have become a country routinely accepting the unacceptable and allowing our leaders to get away with murder instead of holding them accountable.
      I am no longer a Blind ass Democrat. The only deviation from your assessment though is that I prefer Jill Stein to Donald Trump. #NeverHillary


  2. I agree and he instituted the wild horse and burro act to save our wild horses !!!
    He was actually an environmentalist .. So there u go


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