Thought Of The Day. July 28, 2016

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Today’s Thought:

It is preposterous to make the case that veganism saves any animals at all. If one ethically refrains from eating an animal, the animal is not “saved” as there was no danger of it being killed for the consumption of a vegan.

Just as all of the women I have not raped is hardly a statistic on saving women from rape.

Every animal in the food system will die a horrible death. None can be saved except those we steal from the factory farms and feedlots. Veganism doesn’t save animals. Veganism is an ethical benchmark, a measure of our characters, not a function of animal protection.



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I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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14 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day. July 28, 2016

  1. Veganism doesn’t save animals because there are very few of us, but hypothetically, there must be a certain percentage that, when reached, would lower demand for animal products and therefore save lives. Our current ranks aren’t having an impact on demand, but they are having an impact on the creation of plant based menu items, eateries, food products, food stores, clothing stores and other things. I’m wearing Saucony Vegan Series sneakers.

    We are few in number, but we have been making significant noise.

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    • Certainly veganism is preferable to non-veganism. But I see veganism as more a capitalist marketing opportunity than a meaningful blow against animal exploitation and murder.
      Take your Saucony shoes as a case in point. Vegan shoes have been pouring out of China and Mexico for years, but were never marketed as vegan. They were just cheap, and were dumped in outlets such as Walmart. I used to buy vegan Western boots from Walmart for $24. What did your Sauconies cost? I’ll wager they were also made in China or Mexico, but were processed through some vegan marketing department before they hit the stores.


  2. An interesting perspective.
    Short-term: I agree
    Long-term: As the number of vegans increases, demand for meat will decrease and eventually fewer animals will be killed for food (at the same time, fewer will be bred for food, complicating the maths a bit!).
    Hence, our actions today may contribute towards saving animals in the future, or at least reducing the quantity of killings.
    Meanwhile, vegans benefit from the health advantages on a plant-based diet, whilst raising awareness regarding animal cruelty and the impact of Big Agro on the environment.
    Worthy pursuits all, however analysed.
    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

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    • That would be true if the human population were constant or if people coming to veganism were outpacing the increase in population. Unfortunately, neither is the case. Given the current parameters of vegan recruiting vs the human population, the Animal Holocaust will continue indefinitely.

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      • Yes, under the current circumstances I agree.
        Then I consider the Nazi Holocaust.
        This was an unknown activity for most of the world. Granted some people were aware, but the information regarding this human slaughter was suppressed.
        WWII of course was not fought to stop the holocaust, as it was only after the Germans were defeated that the horrors became widely known, and even then, such information was not made immediately available, but was released gradually.
        Where we’re at now is sort of like just before the Nazis were defeated.
        The majority of the world is ignorant of the plight of animals trapped in the meat dairy and egg industries.
        They are also ignorant of the impact these industries are having on global warming.
        Between the animal cruelty, environmental impact, and health concerns, an increased awareness regarding the health benefits of a meat/egg/dairy-free diet will result with a reduced demand for these products.
        Later on, as the environmental impact becomes more widely known, additional people may turn away from these products.
        Sadly, with little real compassion amongst consumers regarding cruelty to animals this may for a long time have the least impact on consumer behaviour.
        So, yeah, in our lifetime we might not see much progress in elimating meat/eggs&dairy from the supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.
        But 2 or 3 generations from now, there is a decent chance for progress is education and awareness on these factors is improved.
        Maybe I am just extra optimistic this morning because as I ordered a cup of black coffee at the Burger King at Copenhagen airport (I had to wait an hour for the train ticketing counter to open so coffee was an attractive option) – to my surprise I notices that Burger King now has vegetarian options.
        I did not expect that.
        Slavery was once thought to be a permanent and necessary part of our society, but it got eliminated (OK, I admit there is prison labor so I’m not completely naive)
        Perhaps slaughterhouses will one day also become a distant memory like slavery.
        Whatever the case, there are many battles ahead before this war will be won.

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  3. There is a movement to repudiate veganism as a necessary part of animal activism, at least in the animal welfare groups. Wayne Hsiung of DxE even maintains that veganism actually harms the movement.

    Peter Singer calls being a consistent vegan “fanatical” and promotes “happy” exploitation. Many people perceive vegans, in some cases justifiably, as sanctimonious and critical of anything less than vegan “purity.” Organizations fear that promoting veganism may offend people who will then be less likely to donate.

    The mainstream welfare groups, such as the HSUS, believe in making small steps if those steps will at least make life less miserable for animals in their time on this earth. They fight for bigger cages for chickens in their warehouses and crates large enough for a “veal” calf to turn around. Many focus on dogs and cats as victims because people who have no concern for chickens or cows love their pets. They have no illusions about abolition of animal agriculture, but they do what humane work they can.

    I suggest that the welfare approach is a concession to the reality that most people will not abandon their favorite foods and turn vegan or remain vegan. It is pragmatic. It reveals the lack of long-term commitment that keeps the movement stalled.

    Those of us who remain vegan believe that animals are sentient and valuable beings who evolved on this planet with us. But members of our species have relentlessly and remorselessly tortured and killed them for the most base and frivolous reasons. I personally believe that veganism is a moral imperative. It is not an end in itself but a philosophy for what we believe life should be about. It is the foundation for the choices we need to make for the other Earthlings.

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  4. I understand your point Roland, but vegans who try to educate others help towards making a social movement that slowly, at a glacial pace, I admit, slowly changes society. It’s people like us, who never give in, that will help bring about Veganism as a normal diet in civilised societies. We won’t see it in our lifetime but the first brave people who stood up against slavery didn’t see that change in their lifetimes, either. And yet slavery was eventually outlawed. We do these things to be a part of a process that ultimately brings about a critical mass that tips the scales.



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    • I agree, Grace. My point is merely that veganism is the very LEAST we can do for the animals. It is just doing no harm. We must do so much more than just do no harm if we are to help animals. Carnists are having children faster than we can recruit vegans. The world population is exploding. Continuing as we are, the Animal Holocaust will NEVER END!

      Vegans and animal activists must come to grips with the reality that what we have done and are doing as a movement is an abject failure. The animals will only have a chance to be saved when capitalism is brought down. And even then, abuse, cruelty and exploitation will continue, although at a much reduced rate. If animals could pray, they should pray for human extinction.

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  5. Roland, as an ethical vegan I agree with your take on its virtual powerlessness (in and of itself as a practice) in saving the lives of animals.

    I also agree with you regarding the use of blogs (like yours) in lieu of Facebook to spread the word; using Facebook and other social media as secondary outlets for our content. You’ve given me an important reason to begin blogging again. Thanks!

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