A Measly Wristslap for a Beating That Led to an Open Welt

Horseracing Wrongs

What’s wrong with horseracing? Well, besides the unremitting solitary confinement, the drugging and doping, the on-track kills, the stall deaths – slaughter – there’s things like this from the Prairie Meadows stewards (via the Racing Commission):

“Having waived his right to present evidence and testimony to the Board, Jockey Shane Laviolette is hereby assessed an administrative penalty of $250.00 for excessive or indiscriminate whipping of his horse, ‘Basic Chance,’ during the running of the ninth race on June 19, 2021. Test barn IRGC veterinarian reported to the Board ‘Basic Chance’ arrived at the test barn with an open welt on his right flank.”

That Shane Laviolette is an animal abuser – and should have been arrested for animal cruelty (except that Iowa, not surprisingly, exempts abuse that occurs at a racetrack) – goes without saying. But a lousy $250 – with no suspension – for “excessive or indiscriminate whipping” that…

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