It is Time to Take Up Arms for the Animals


Consumers are ultimately responsible for the Animal Holocaust. Were it not for their purchases, animals would not be enslaved and murdered.

For those in the animal movement concerned about animals trapped in the food system, the approach has been to impact the consumer.

We have focused on recruiting vegans, on educating the public and growing the movement through social media.

Despite all the efforts to change consumer buying practices, the Animal Holocaust continues unabated. More animals are being enslaved and murdered than ever before in history.

Were we to be increasing vegans as a percentage of the world population, we would be on a path to eventually ending the Animal Holocaust, at some future point in time.

In fact, vegans are decreasing as a percentage of world population, a trend that guarantees the Animal Holocaust will not only continue, but will increase in scope, into the distant millennia.

Which militates for a paradigm shift in strategy.

We must abandon persuasion in favor of dissuasion.

As impacting consumption is not possible, we must examine impacting production.

Dissuading people from participating in the chain of slaughter is the only logical alternative to persuading people to refrain from purchasing slaughtered corpses.

The question of whether to dissuade those in the chain of slaughter must give way to the question of how we dissuade them.

The goal is to drive up the cost of production, driving up the prices of meat, eggs, and dairy, and driving down demand as a result.

There are a number of political goals we could pursue which would increase the costs of production, some easier to achieve than others. Taxing meat. Ending subsidies to animal agriculture. Banning GMO feed. Slowing slaughterlines. Banning growth hormones and prophylactic antibiotics. Banning factory farms in favor of family farms. Requiring humane transport. Requiring USDA inspection of every animal before and after slaughter.

Few of these can practically become law, due to the simple fact of Big Ag owning so many Members of Congress and Senators.

Supporting candidates who favor public campaign financing should be a priority. It should be the litmus test for every vote we cast.

Politics aside, the animal movement must either take up meaningful direct action or continue to delude ourselves that the animals will one day be free of slavery and murder.

Direct action by animal liberationists has been widely criticized within the animal movement. Some of it valid, some of it generated by mainstream welfarist organizations anxious not to offend donors or rouse the ire of the media.

Such criticism as has been valid primarily bemoan the fact that few animals actually are rescued by liberationists, most are recaptured by their abusers, the loss of activists to incarceration is a drain on the movement, and the net effect of liberationists’ tactics is to modestly increase insurance premiums for the abusers.

I believe the criticism of liberationists has been misdirected.
I believe the problem is that liberationists have only targeted facilities.

Heretofore, liberationists have abjured violence and have only attacked facilities and property.

We must instead target those who do the killing, the grunts in the feedlots, the drivers, the brutes with the boltguns, the knives, and the chainsaws; the owners, the managers, the linemen, the people on the boards of directors.

All we might lose is our individual freedom, which seems a small price to pay to place the Animal Holocaust on the world stage. To challenge the worldviews of most people on the planet, to put a spotlight on human greed, cruelty and the horrors committed against our fellow beings.

No human endeavor is of importance in comparison.

The Animal Holocaust claims 10,000 victims each second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, 365 days a year.

A sobering statistic is that all of the animals saved by the animal movement over the past 50 years is fewer than the number of animals who will have their throats cut in the next eight hours.

We must come to terms with the enormity of the Animal Holocaust and our utter failure to even slow it down.

It is time to take up arms for the animals.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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21 thoughts on “It is Time to Take Up Arms for the Animals

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  2. As far as who should be targeted in direct action campaigns, going after the grunts instead of the CEO’s of these death-dealing corporations makes little strategic sense. Few in the media would even take notice of the demise of some lowly, immigrant meat cutter or truck driver. The head of a billion dollar, multi-national corporation would be quite a different matter The British in World War II logically targeted Rheinhard Heydrich, the head of the German police force, for assassination, not some lowly traffic cop on the beat. Similarly with respect to sport hunters, who’s “tragic passing” would be reported and reflected on in the media, some backwoods yokel in Maine or one of the high profile big game trophy hunters that have been all over the Internet recently?

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    • Most people–including vegans and animal liberationists–still differentiate between human life and non-human life. Though many people might endorse “equal” socioeconomic conditions for the benefit of all humans, they don’t consciously endorse similar “natural” conditions for wild or domesticated animals. Most people will fight for the fair treatment of humans, but won’t extend this sentiment for doing so to non-human animals, unless it is their preferred, privileged pet(s). When you compare the heinous behavior of humans toward each other to the brutal treatment of animals by humans, it doesn’t work. Why? Because many people still view many animals as things, unless they are sleeping in bed with them.

      I don’t know whether the human who manages a slaughterhouse is more despicable than the worker who decapitates the animal who wanted to live like your preferred, privileged pet(s).

      What am I trying to say? Neither “strategy” alluded to above will work at this time in earth history.


  3. Well, we know there’s way too much political red tape to fix this, and the government more than likely will not stop their huge meat/dairy subsidies. If you wanted to go about this in an illegal way — ALF style blowing up operations I don’t think that would accomplish anything (but I’d love to see it happen) — the only solution is to gather a huge number of people en masse, civil unrest. But good luck with that in the bourgeois homeland of pacifism. Maybe someone with the funds could buy thousands of those trailer TV displays showcasing cruel slaughterhouse killing and parade around every city/grocery store nearby. Also, I’ve seen this suggested somewhere, too, if someone hacked major TV/streaming networks and started displaying slaughterhouse videos. As I said in my other comment, if we go about this in a legal way, I think fervently supporting lab-grown (Frankenstein) meat is the way to go, to lawfully shut down all slaughterhouses as we make the transition and it’s a win//win for everybody – a much more efficient process, billions of animals spared, no more resource/energy intensive operations, including the massive amounts of food/water used in commercialized animal husbandry.


  4. I get the why. The how eludes me. Literally attacking the the enormous factory farm/slaughter industry seems like an insurmountable task.

    Apparently there are approximately 1100 slaughterhouses in the US where 99% of the animals are killed. Getting stats on feedlots and trucking companies is more difficult. We do know that the number of vegans in the world is relatively small and that if physically targeting the factory farm and slaughter business is the goal, probably only a subset of the vegans could/would be involved.

    After one or two attacks, we can be certain that the facilities would become fortresses with increased barriers, security guards, police, maybe even the military. It wouldn’t take long before most of the vegans willing to act would be in prison, without making a dent in Big Ag.

    I suspect a secondary development would be to scatter the killing. This could include mobile slaughterers in unmarked trucks servicing small farm suppliers and backyard animal breeders. The number of the animals would be smaller, but the killing would continue.

    No one wants the end of slaughter houses and subsidiary businesses any more than I do. But the idea of targeting the huge, wealthy, and powerful slaughter industry or stopping the demand that drives it fails my imagination.

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    • All valid points. And it is unlikely that direct action against those in the slaughter industries would develop overnight. When and if it does start to occur, the very fact that the participants would be self motivated, non-aligned, independent individuals and small bands would mean a rolling attack against the system, with no way to effectively be stopped. Much more important than interrupting the odd slaughter operation would be the immediate hue and cry in the media and the expenditure of millions, perhaps billions, of dollars by the slaughter industries for security, crisis management, public relations, and hazardous duty payrolls.

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  5. I have been witnessing the Protesters against the NY Blood Center. They target and harass leaders and staff, CEO’s, of the abusive company. The Protesters
    stalk and harass these leaders. The Protesters follow them to their posh homes, hold signs with their photos, gain entry to their lobbies, give information to their neighbors, etc., etc. At least the Protesters give them a hard way to go and most of it is legal. The leader of NY Center eventually quit her job. The leaders and owners, possibly trustees are the real culprits. Just throwing some ideas around, but this group is quite impressive. On a grand scale this may be effective, but I realize there are not enough Protesters to successfully pull this off.

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  6. I love this. It fits right in with something I wrote a while back in response to a facebook post: “I agree that ‘from the owners to the consumers’ everyone has some accountability. But many consumers really are ignorant. Sometimes, yes, it is willful ignorance. But I believe that if suddenly a law were passed that required people to kill the animals they eat, the majority of them would become instant vegetarians. In fact, everybody I know who eats meat would do so. The owners–now they are far more culpable. But where my hatred is really focused is on the slaughterhouse workers. I believe that those who are capable of holding that knife, that gun, that bow, are the true psychopaths without whom the whole bloody house of suffering would fall. I used to get so angry when forest activists would put the blame on the timber companies, and actually pity the loggers who were “just doing their jobs.” Who but a psychopath could place a chainsaw against a 500-year old being and pull the trigger? No, for the owners it is greed, for the consumers it is ignorance. The greatest evil lies in the hearts of those capable of inflicting the actual torture and death.”

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  7. I think its a great idea to attack the ones doing the abuse, the article is truthful and discouraging, but a family small farm is better than factory murder. If that,s the best we can do 😦 I have a hope that climate change will force people to eat a veggie based diet and start to move away from meat.

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  8. Slaughtermen or cattle truck drivers do not do this for pleasure; they do it for money. These people cannot find a job anywhere else, and they work for very little pay. Also, we cannot kill everyone, for meat eaters outnumber vegans 200 to one. Sadly, I cannot see this working, yet it is a great idea.


    • Also, today’s slaughterhouse workers are typically immigrants. It’s an odd sort of socialist who would call for armed attacks on immigrant workers. Is Roland really trying to organize armed mobs into a national socialist movement?


      • All who serve the oppressors are our enemies. Union busting thugs, cops, slaughterhouse grunts, etc, enforcers for industry or the state, are just workers seeking wages. I am not sympathetic to assertions that they inflict injury and death on their fellow beings because they needed a job.

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  9. Some good points here. I’ve always said…”we vote every time we make a purchase. Who owns the co. and what are their ethics and values in the world.?” When I see a commercial about eating animal flesh, I want the consumers to really see where it comes from. If they see and continue their practices, there is something wrong w/ them. Many won’t look . It might upset their lifestyle. though they never think about the life of these precious animals, that just wanted to live.

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