Compared to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is a Saint


Curious that there is a litany of criticism by a choir of critics about the terrible things that will befall the country should Donald Trump be elected president.

Seems having said some unflattering things about certain women is more morally culpable than bombing civilians and murdering families.

Strange that political pundits and media talking heads focus on Trump’s tax returns rather than on Hillary’s war crimes.

Odd that fodder for discussion is establishment Republicans dissing Trump rather than discussing establishment crimes against workers, the environment, unarmed black people, children in Flint, Michigan.

But the most outrageous disconnect of all is that so many so-called liberals and progressives regularly attack Trump over his racist and xenophobic followers rather than focusing on Hillary’s murderous policies in the Middle East and Central America.

Liberals cite the number of Trump’s bankruptcies, but ignore the number of bodies of dead women and children killed in Hillary’s CIA drone strikes.

Liberals ignore that Trump is more progressive than Hillary on trade agreements, on foreign policy, on military interventionism, on universal healthcare, on the revolving door, on corporate ownership of elected officials, on the military-industrial complex bribery of Members of Congress.

Trump even has a better record on LGBT rights than does Hillary. He has long been a supporter, while Hillary just embraced gay marriage a couple of years ago.

The ludicrous treatment Trump is receiving at the hands of Republican and Democratic establishment figures, conservative and liberal alike, is driven by panic at the prospect of a Trump presidency. The establishment has no hook in Donald Trump. They cannot control him or force him to play their legislative games.

And what they cannot control, they must destroy.

The establishment considers Trump the enemy, and with good reason. He threatens to break their control of the government.

So the establishment is coalescing around their Democrat, Hillary Clinton. The signal was sent by Charles Koch, billionaire financier of all things right wing, that Hillary was preferable to Donald Trump.

Charles Koch, of the Koch brothers, is perhaps the leading enemy of the environment in America, the leading enemy of working families and labor unions, the owner of most of the leases for the Keystone pipeline, a proponent of drilling, mining, and logging in National Parks.

And he is supporting Hillary Clinton!

Already in bed with Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, the big banks, Big Pharma, and the insurance lobby, Hillary is now sucking up to Republican donors and superpacs.

By any yardstick, Hillary Clinton is a political whore at best, a war criminal at worst.

But even on her best day, she makes Donald Trump look positively angelic.



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10 thoughts on “Compared to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is a Saint

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  2. Bernie is the only sane choice!!! Don’t give up on him yet!!!! I have been listening to him on the Thom Hartmann show for years and his philosophy has been consistent.

    Hillary is really an evil witch! She is a liar, a billionaire, a warmonger, and is owned by Wall St., the oil industry, and any other corporation that will give her money.

    Trump is a nightmare! He is an embarrassment! Many countries are severing ties with the US because of Trump. He has absolutely no class and has no empathy/compassion for animals! His sons are trophy hunters, as I am sure, are many of his friends. I saw one of his sons on you tube, smiling, and holding up the severed tail of an elephant! Trump stated that he would not attend a circus that did not have elephants! I cannot understand how anyone of sane mind, ESPECIALLYy animal activists, could vote for him.


    • Defeating Hillary is critical to the revolution. If we defeat her at the Democratic convention, Bernie becomes the leader of the party and very assuredly the next president. If Hillary beats Bernie and is the nominee, she must be defeated in November. Many progressives still labor under the presumption that Hillary is preferable to Trump, basing their opinions on establishment propaganda. This is one of many tools to disabuse them of that delusion.

      If you care about animals, Hillary is by far the worst choice for their welfare. Check out these two artilces:

      Hillary’s Policies Kill Millions of Animals

      Hillary: Worse for Animals than Donald Trump!


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