Zimbabwe Won’t Seek Extradition. Justice for Cecil Is Up To Us!

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Walter Palmer murdered Cecil the Lion. Like many others, Palmer is a rich white American serial killer who pumps money into the economy of Zimbabwe in exchange for killing African wildlife.

Zimbabwe is run by the corrupt tyrant Robert Mugabe, who apparently decided that extraditing Walter Palmer would be bad for business, and would dissuade other serial killers from spending money to kill Zimbabwean animals

Last week Mugabe publicly stated that Palmer was not responsible for Cecil’s death, that it was his guides’ fault.

Mugabe seems to now overlook the fact that Palmer and his guide carried Cecil’s tracking collar around to make it appear he was still alive, then hid it in a tree.

It is estimated that animal serial killers spend over $200 million each year to murder innocent animals, and a large portion of that money ends up in the pockets of corrupt officials and dictators.

It seems unlikely that the US will received an extradition request from Zimbabwe concerning Walter Palmer.

Ceil’s murderer will not face justice. Unless we mete it out to him.

Continuing to keep the psychopath in the public eye will help. Disrupting his life will help. Impacting his dental practice will help.
Making his life miserable will help.

Sources report that Walter Palmer is in hiding on a 900 acre hunting reserve he owns in northern Minnesota, in Clay County, about 40 miles southeast of Moorhead.

Like most psychopathic serial killers, Palmer collects trophies from his victims, so he can relive the moments he murdered them. He has a special building on his property where he can masturbate to the dead creatures he has mounted on its walls.

There is an old white schoolhouse on the property, not far from the farm house in which he is likely hiding. That schoolhouse houses the remains of his victims.

Personally, I think all animal trophies should be cremated. There is something incredibly obscene about those poor creatures nailed to Palmer’s walls, entertaining his perversion.

I wouldn’t be upset if someone burned that schoolhouse to the ground, but I’d counsel my comrades not to make a martyr of the serial murderer Palmer.

We had offered a $100,000 reward for the arrest and extradition of Palmer, which now appears to be very unlikely. Were Zimbabwe to seek extradition, we would gladly pay out the reward.

Our strategy now is to keep his crime in the public eye, to keep the story going in the media, to keep the heat on Congress to pass the Cecil Act (which would ban the import of big game trophies), to work toward banning trophy hunting, banning ivory, banning rhinoceros horn, and increase the penalties for murdering endangered animals.

It is easy for the media to drop a story, as other stories are constantly demanding attention. As activists, it falls on us to champion Cecil, as there are no others who will.

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Let’s make sure Cecil did not die in vain.

Let’s ban trophy hunting and animal trophies!


23 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Won’t Seek Extradition. Justice for Cecil Is Up To Us!

  1. It has come to my attention that Palmer is or will resume practice in the U.S. If true, this news is horrific. However, I always look for some good in something bad.

    This news will hopefully resurrect the plight of poor Cecil. The outrage seems to have disappeared as soon as it appeared. It might give credibility to not only Cecil, but to all the billions and trillions of animals who have needlessly suffered by the ignorance of man.

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  2. This is an outrage!!!! When are the filthy rich going to be punished for their actions!!!! He knew what he was doing and did it, therefor he should do the time!!!! What are going to do when there are no more Cecil’s to hunt and the white man no longer comes to your country and gives you pennies for such such priceless treasures?!?!? You are not only selling animals that should not be for sale because they belong to NO ONE like us right, but you are selling AFRICA!!! Please punish this man and set am example for those in the future!!!! JUSTICE FOR POOR CECIL!!!!!!

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  3. Appalling that no extradition will be sought…. Shame on you Zimbabwe, you care nothing for your country’s wildlife…. Yet the rest of the world actually does????

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  4. Everyone should seek out the show that was on National Geographic Explores, maybe youtube? , It was about the ivory trade, but also about all illegal poaching, as well. The black market money made by the corrupt African leaders, is paid to terrorist groups, Kony, Boko Haram, and ISIS. I cannot express how horrifying this is. They hunt with helicopters, kill with machine guns, and saw off horns with chain saws. Truly a war that needs to be stopped.

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  5. It is no surprise that Zimbabwe will not ask for the extradition of Dr. Palmer (I doubt if the White House or the USFWS would actually give him up anyway). Greedy and corrupt leaders like Mugabe will load their coffers by letting the killing continue. It is not about conservation. It is about maintaining wealth and power through the suffering and death of his country’s animals, who should be protected and valued for the living treasure that they are.

    We know Cecil’s name and his story. We can honor his life and give meaning to his death by making him the symbol of the evils of trophy hunting. He will be the symbol of the thousands of nameless animals whose killing feeds the bloated egos of the Walter James Palmers of this world. We can remember Cecil and the others by not forgetting them or giving up. We cannot end hunting immediately, but we can chip away at it by stopping the transport of trophies, by reporting on the activities and auctions of the Safari Club and similar groups, and by encouraging Internet sites and the media to focus on the ugly side of the hunting rather than displaying the pictures of the “triumphant” killers and their dead prey.

    As an aside, I would like to refer to another sad animal death that is relevant here. In 1914 an abused and neglected young horse named Elsa was found injured, starving, and stuck to the ice in winter. She was rescued and taken to Dust Devil Ranch, where heroic efforts were made to save her. Unfortunately, Elsa had suffered too much and she died. Her veterinarian made a statement of encouragement to her rescuers. This is part of it: “Elsa came to start a dialogue between her species and ours. She also came to help you and what you are trying to do. These are gifts from the Universe provided by angel souls who are willing to sacrifice for the greater good and spiritual evolution of all.”

    A 500-pound lion with sharp teeth and claws does not match the usual iconography of an angel, nor did Elsa. But the Greek word for angels, “aggelos,” means “messenger.” I believe that both Elsa and Cecil carried the same message–that the human exploitation, abuse, and destruction of the other lives on this earth must stop. Those of us who hear that message from Cecil have the obligation to fight trophy hunting in his name.

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  6. We demand justice for Cecil the lion , the press may not be covering all the protest but the public has not forgotten . We are working on our USA government to pad the Cecil act ban trophy hunting

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  8. Thank you for sending this. Please, can everyone contact their US senators asking them to support the CECIL Endangered Species Act? Legislation like this can go a long way to curtail trophy hunting by Americans. It makes me sick that scumbag Palmer will likely get off scot-free.

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  9. I cannot believe how quickly the right to lifers jumped on downplaying human/humane concern for cecil…it is as if when other species need and deserve respect we must ignore our empathetic tendencies for any and all suffering the exception being for (as George Carlin expressed) “pre-born babies”… caring human beings have room in their hearts for attempting to reverse all suffering no matter what species. All lives matter…the concept should be consistent!

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    • I agree. The fact that some of us are concerned about the other creatures we share this earth with offends the right-to-life group. They troll all animal rights sites to try to shame us. Well, we have the right to choose our cause and not apologize for caring about the horrific abuse human beings inflict on other lives. It is the people like the right-to-life groups that have made population problems and population control politically incorrect to discuss. And look at the results around the world! The misery and consequences from overpopulated, poverty-stricken, and failed states can be seen in the mass migrations going on and in the displacement of wildlife for human land use and the increased killing of domestic animals worldwide.

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  10. I don’t doubt that the USA administration had something to do with Robert Mugabe’s decision to not seek extradition of Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed Cecil – in addition to the business aspect of the decision. Many members of congress are also hunters. The USA probably signaled to Mugabe that if he sought to extradite, they (the USA) would not comply.

    I agree keep the story alive. I also agree no martyrs; work through the flawed system and with the flawed psyches that keep animals enslaved, tortured and slaughtered.




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